ODC Season 2 Week 3 Recap

Minor League Recap – Written by Nagz (Hot Garbage, Parkdog, Premier)

Week 3 Division Leaders

Fire Division: Spastics, 19-5

With an astounding goal differential of +43 (a shocking 25 goals more than week 2), Spastics continue to lead their division. Once again, Ground Boys are only a game behind, but this week their goal differential is way behind Spastics’, having only +30. Although Spastics played well, with a record of 7-1 this week, they played the bottom team in Fire Division on Match day 5, and the bottom in Leaves on Match day 6. This may put them in an awkward position next week, since they’ll be replaying the Griffins, a much tougher team, on Match day 7 after losing a game to the bottom team in the league, Meteorites. Although Spastics won the series 3-1, this might be a hit to their pride, and it should be interesting to see if they can bounce back with a clean slate.

Leaves Division: Bucks, 13-11

Bucks also keep their division leader spot, although by an even smaller margin. Both Bucks and Pirates are 13-11 in Leaves division, but Bucks have the edge in their goal differential, at +7. They also had a much worse week than their rival division counterpart, finishing week 3 with a record of 2-6. It’s also worth noting: although Pirates hold the number 2 spot, they have a negative goal differential at -5.

Power Players

Blackhawk, Ground Boys: Playing 20 games with his team this season, he seems to have finally hit his stride in week 3, scoring the most points on his team in both matches. Match 5 in particular, he scored the most goals, with 8, and the most assists, with 5, finishing the series with a total of 1400 points and 3 MVP medals.

Wheelchair, Spastics: Coming into Spastics second week as division leader, Wheelchair has played all 24 games with his team. His two teammates, BDBR and robbinghope, have also been named as players to watch over the last two weeks, and Wheelchair rounds out the Spastics’ dynamic very nicely. He’s tied for first place in the league in cycles, with 3, and generally seems to be wherever his teammates need him to be, and it’s no wonder that Spastics continue to lead their division.

Liquid Cight, Steaming Beans: Although only playing 16 games with his team, he has the most MVP medals, with 5, the most saves, with 15 and the highest shot conversion percentage, with 41.22%. He was the star of his team in week 5, having the best total stats in every category across the board, and getting 3 out of his 5 MVP medals on that day alone.


Honorable Mention:

Meteorites: Although they have an abysmal record and goal differential, at 4-20 and -41, the lowest in the league for both, they had one of the toughest weeks that a team can have, playing the number 1 and number 2 spots in Fire Division: Spastics and Ground Boys. Surprisingly, though they lost both series, they were able to take a game off of both teams, ending each series 1-3. Even though they are so far behind, if they can keep the same momentum against some of the weaker teams, we might see them climb their way into an upset.

Heca, Ground Boys: A special congratulations to Heca, who was promoted to Major League at the beginning of week 3. Although his availability in minor league seemed to be inconsistent, his exceptional performance as the powerhouse of his team when he was available earned him a spot on Salvo’s Major League team, Sky Boys.


Key Match for Week 3

Ground Boys vs. Griffins

Ground Boys were able to pull a convincing 4-0 sweep against Griffins, who weren’t able to come back from having to forfeit on match day 4. Ground Boys did very well, and with Heca getting promoted to majors, they fielded Blackhawk, Gotmott, and Traypack. Griffins, on the other hand, were unable to find a solution, and fielded all five of their available players at least once during the series.

Ground Boys Totals Griffins
2970 Points 1885
15 Goals 8
8 Assists 2
7 Saves 7
32 Shots 18

Griffins just couldn’t keep up with Ground Boys offense. You can see both teams have the same number of saves, but Ground Boys have almost double the amount of shots, and as expected, almost double the amount of goals as well.


Match to Watch for Week 4

Griffins Vs. Spastics

Griffins started out the season strong, ending week 1 as their division leader. Since then, they’ve faltered, falling all the way to 4th place. This match we’ll be able to see if they deserved the spot in week 1, or if they just got lucky with the first round of matches. We’ll also get to see if they’ve truly shaken off the rust from the forfeit, as even though they beat Steaming Beans 4-0, the Beans were not able to field their usual roster that match.

Griffins and Spastics already played in week 1, where Spastics took a 3-1 win, so we have a perfect point to compare.

Griffins Match Day 1 Totals Spastics
1715 Points 2330
4 Goals 10
1 Assists 6
13 Saves 3
8 Shots 30

In match 1, Spastics held control almost the entire time. Griffins have a strong defense, able to hold their own with 13 saves, but when you’re being peppered with 30 shots over the course of the games, mistakes are expected. It’s also interesting the Spastics had Taken on the field, and though they won 3 out of 4, Taken only scored 385 points over the course of the games.

I expect the games to be close. If Griffins can keep up their defense, they might be able to knock another game off of Spastics. We’ll be able to see how much these teams have grown since Match Day 1, and which team deserved the top spot of the division. I’m still going to give Spastics the edge with 3-1, but I think Griffins will be able to put up a bit more of a fight this time around.


We’re midway through the season now, and Week 4 is set to be just as exciting. Leaves division in particular is close, and we’d all like to see someone rise to a definitive leading spot, rather than being separated by differentials.



Major League Recap – Written by Zacer (Tropical Storms, cdrch, Minor)

Week 3 Division Leaders

Fire Division: Kings, 17-7

A first for the Majors. The Kings went 8-0 in match week 3. They swept the Bois and the Flailers, two teams who started the week in first place. It’s safe to say the Kings have breakaway potential. Last week they were in a three way tie for first. Now they have a two game lead and +14 goal differential over the second place Thunderbirds. The Kings have it all working. On offense, they have the most points. On Defense, they’ve allowed the fewest points. It must feel good to be the Kings right now.


Weekly Records

  1. Kings: 8-0
  2. Thunderbirds: 6-2
  3. Tornadoes: 5-3
  4. Flailers: 1-7
  5. Sky Boys: 1-7


Leaves Division: Asteroids, 17-7

The Asteroids have taken first. Even so, they have work to do. Only one team has a negative goal differential. The second place Cubs are two games back and tied in goal differential with the Asteroids. For the Cubs to take first, they’ll have to stay in the win column every week. It hasn’t been since match day 2 that the Asteroids have experienced a series loss. This is in large part thanks to their defense. 39 goals allowed. That’s the fewest in the league and a sure way to stay on top of the division.


Weekly Records

  1. Asteroids: 7-1
  2. Cubs: 5-3
  3. Buccaneers: 3-5
  4. Bois: 2-6
  5. Flaming Potatoes: 2-6

Power Players

Ja8uu8ies, Kings: Assists have been the name of the game for Ja8uu8ies. On match days 5 & 6 he had 13 of his teams 17 assists. He has been a true team player, contributing in every area. He is first in the league in cycles with 7, and tied for third most points per game, 235.8. I suspect Ja8uu8ies will be a weekly contender for power player. He has 7 MVPs and is third in the league in points.

T | Melted, Flaming Potatoes: T | Melted has been a consistent power player all year. I’m highlighting him because of Monday’s match. The Flaming Potatoes face the best team in the league, the Kings. T | Melted will give his team a good chance if he keeps playing his game. He leads the league in shots per game, 2.7, and plenty of those are finding the back of the net. With 24 goals, that’s good for second in the league.

Prine, Thunderbirds: Prine has been a major contributor to the Thunderbirds early season success. He has started 18/24 games, and it’s clear he should not miss another match. With 15 assists, that leads his team and is good for third in the league. Most impressively, Prine is taking a whopping 3.6 shots per game and has 5 cycles, tying him for second most in the league. I look forward to what kind of damage Prine, owner of 6 MVPs, will be dishing out in the matches to come.

Key Match For Week 3

Tornadoes vs. Buccaneers

Tornadoes Totals Buccaneers
2655 Points 2465
11 Goals 8
21 Total Shots 29
9 Assists 7
13 Saves 8

The Thin Red Line

Every Team Fights Their Own War

Tornadoes win 3-1

The Tornadoes have captured their first series win. How sweet that must feel. In doing so, they have put themselves above the thin red line of elimination. With the third worst offense, it could be easy to stay at the bottom of the division. They have taken the fewest shots on net and are last in shot percentage, 28.89%. This series win could be a sign of good things to come. All players at the Major League level are skilled players. Consistent teamwork is what sets these teams apart. With 9 assists and a shot percentage of 52.38% in the series, the Tornadoes might have reached a turning point.

The Buccaneers have been struggling since match day 3. After starting the season 6-2, they’ve hit a bit of a rut. Now 10-14, they stand below the elimination line. What I liked about them in this series was the amount of shots they took. The Tornadoes saved them in bunches, but it shows they’re not going to fall out of contention easily. They shot 27.59% in this series, yet for the season hold a much better 35.04%. If they can keep this offensive pressure on, they’re bound to find success down the line.

Match To Watch Week 4

Kings Vs. Flaming Potatoes

Kings Per Game Average Flaming Potatoes
711.88 Points 613.75
2.88 Goals 2.04
6.50 Shots 6.75
2.13 Assists 1.58
3.04 Saves 2.83

This is history. Can the Kings continue their 4-0 streak to three matches. Based on the stats, the answer is yes. The Kings have it working on offense and defense. Offense: first in points, goals, assists. Defense: first in points and goal differential, second in assists, third in shots. It’s hard to bet against the first true team to beat in the Major Leagues.

The Flaming Potatoes are two games above elimination. They have a positive goal differential, despite an 11-13 record. What I’m saying is, they’re motivated and have been playing better than a sub .500 team. I think they stand a chance to take a game off the Kings. On defense the Flaming Potatoes have been dangerous; they are first in assists, second in points and goals. If they can step it up on offense, they could give the Kings a real problem on Monday.

ORSA Dynasty Cup has reached 50% boost. Every game counts. Every goal counts. Every goal allowed can decide if your team makes the playoffs or not. I look forward to seeing how our Major teams forge their destinies. Best of luck!



Premier League Recap – Written by Heca (Sky Boys, Salvo, Major)

Week 3 Division Leaders

Fire Division: Cerebrals, 15-9

The Cerebrals had a very rough week 3, having gone 3-5 this week, allowing the Space Boys, who had a second week at 4-4, to gain on them for the division leader spot, being only one win behind at 14-10.  An interesting developement is that the Fire Division’s third place team, the Aces, won their series against the Cerebrals 3-1, possibly adding a new player to the Division leader race, as they sit in third with an 11-13 record.

Leaves Division: Hot Garbage, 20-4

Hot Garbage dominated their competition this week, going 8-0.  Last weeks Division leaders, the Wolves, appear to have been so shaken by their 4-0 defeat in match day 5, that they went 0-4 against the Privateers as well, ending the week 0-8 and dropping out of contention for the Leaves Division leader title.  After this week Hot Garbage is looking very much like they will finish the season as the Leaves Division leader, as the only team in the Leaves Division they have yet to play is the Comets, who are currently in fourth place in the Division with a 12-12 record and a -1 goal differential.

Power Players

Nagz, Hot Garbage: Nagz was Hot Garbage’s finisher this week, scoring 12 of Hot Garbage’s 26 goals, , he also outshot the rest of his team, having 35 of his team’s 81 shots.  For the first two weeks Nagz seemed overshadowed by Xero and Ryzai, but this week he showed why he’s one of their starters.

Loosecannon33, Privateers: Loosecannon filled a role for the Privateers very similar to the role that Nagz played on Hot Garbage this week, having more than half of his team’s goals, 13 of 24, more than half of their asssits, at 8 of 14, and almost half of their their shots, at 36 of 73.  He came to play this week on the offensive end of the field, and if the Privateers can continue giving him the ball on the offensive end, they may be able to challenge Hot Garbage for Leaves Division leader later in the season, or even take an upset in the playoffs.

Barbie, Space Boys: The Space Boys fielded all 5 of their players this week, their only player that was consistent between the two game days was Barbie, and with 7 goals, 7 assists, and 7 saves, it’s easy to see why.  While Barbie wasn’t a dominant player in the same way that Nagz and Loosecannon were, he clearly showed that he has chops on both sides of the field.

Key Match for Week 3

Aces vs. Cerebrals


Aces Match Totals Cerebrals
2780 Points 2690
7 Goals 7
5 Assists 6
17 Saves 15
30 Shots 33

The stats make this series look much closer than it was, with Aces winning 3-1 in game one, 1-0 in game 2, and 2-0 in game 4, the Cerebrals, however, had a runaway game 3, winning 6-1, and generating most of their stats. Team captain Irizarr was notably absent this series, with the Cerebrals fielding Uorodin, Mojomo, and RDL chrono. This is a surprising loss for the Cerebrals, as the Aces were 7-9 coming into this week, and appeared to be one of the weaker teams in the league. To their credit, the Aces played an excellent set of games, and managed to contain the Cerebrals’ powerful offense.

Match to Watch for Week 4

Hot Garbage vs. Space Boys, Match Day 8

Hot Garbage Per Game Averages For Space Boys
732.7 Points 688.96
2.75 Goals 2.42
2.17 Assists 1.58
2.67 Saves 3
8.2 Shots 7.67

After losing to the Cerebrals in week 2, Hot Garbage have retaken the spot of #1 team in the league, leading the league in 3 team averages for, and 4 team averages against. The Space Boys, on the other hand, hold a solid second or third place in a similar amount of stats. The stats were in Hot Garbage’s favor when they played the Cerebrals as well, but they lost that series 3-1, and I believe that this week will play out similarly, as the Fire Division seems to be the one with the harder competition, which would keep the stats of the teams in the Fire Division low. That said, I still believe that Hot Garbage is one of the best teams in the league, and should both of these teams show up, I think they’re on the same level. Because of this, I expect for this series to go 2-2.


Halfway through the season the competition is really starting to heat up, teams are getting a solid general idea of where they lie, and of what they’ll need to do to ensure that they make it into the playoffs after week 6.  Stay tuned, because it’s only going to be getting more exciting from here!

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