ODC Season 2 Week 5 Recap

Minor League Recap – written by Nagz (Hot Garbage, Parkdog Premier)


Week 5 Standings

Fire Division, Leaders: Tropical Storms

Team Name Week 5 Record Overall Record
Tropical Storms 5-3 27-13
Spastics 4-4 25-15
Ground Boys 3-5 23-17
Jacks 4-4 17-23
Griffins 2-6 16-24

Fire Division is very close. With only one week left, there is technically no team that is guaranteed a playoff spot. Jacks were able to push out of last place by one game, making Griffins, who were top of the league in week 1, the last place team. Week 6 is a special case this season, with 3 matches to be played, and with the records so close, it will really depend on how they handle the pressure. It isn’t very likely that any of the top three teams lose all 12 games in each series, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Leaves Division, Leaders: Bucks

Team Name Week 5 Record Overall Record
Bucks 7-1 25-15
Pirates 4-4 23-17
Steaming Beans 8-0 22-18
Little Bois 3-5 17-23
Meteorites 0-8 5-35

Leaves division is much more decisive. Bucks, Pirates, and Steaming Beans have all performed well enough to clinch playoff spots, and with Meteorites having another 0-8 record in week 5, it’s not looking good for them.

Power Players

Buckaroo1000, Tropical Storms: Buckaroo1000 was the powerhouse of his team’s 7 wins this week, scoring 1865 points, and the majority of his teams goals. He’s also a part of the shocking 5-way tie in the league for savior medals, at 5.

Bmill56, Jacks: Jacks had a great week, pulling themselves out of the last place spot. Bmill56 seemed to be a key in making that happen. Although he didn’t perform as well in Match 9, in Match 10 against Griffins, he was a critical, scoring 5 goals alongside ImJustBucks’ 5 goals, as well as 5 assists.

Robbinghope, Spastics: We’re nearing the end of the season, so we can start looking at players that were consistent overall, and robbinghope is absolutely crushing the league stat page. He holds 1st place overall in MVPs, Goals, and Hat tricks, as well as first place medals in points per game, goals per game, and shots per game. What’s more, he’s only played 28 games, where other contenders for these accolades have played up to 40. It’s clear that Spastics have a player that dominated the field, he just may not be available as often as Spastics need him to be.

Week 5 Key Match

Jacks vs. Griffins

This was the match that would decide Jacks fate at the end of week 5: whether they would stay at the bottom of their division or put up a fighting chance to get into playoff contention. Jecks performed very well in week 4, putting them in a position to overtake Griffins in the division, and they capitalized on their opportunity.

Jacks Match 10 Totals Griffins
2675 Points 1545
13 Goals 5
8 Assists 2
5 Saves 9
32 Shots 13

Jacks outperformed Griffins in every aspect but saves, but seeing as they spent much more time on offense, racking up 32 shots against Griffins 18, that’s no surprise. It’ll be interesting to see if they can hold onto their spot and clinch a playoff spot. They have a tough week ahead of them, playing Griffins again on Day 11, and playing both Tropical Storms and Pirates on Day 12, both solid teams.

Week 6 Match to Watch

Tropical Storms vs. Spastics, Match 11

This was a difficult choice. With 3 matches being played this week, and so many matchups with Fire Division’s top teams, I’ve decided to go with the one I think will be most exciting: Tropical Storms vs. Spastics. These two teams have been vying for the top spot in the division all season.They played each other all the way back in Match 2, to a 2-2 tie. We’ll see how well they’ve each grown as a team since week 1, but let’s take a look at those stats.

Spastics Match 2 Totals Tropical Storms
2800 Points 3035
11 Goals 13
9 Assists 9
15 Saves 11
26 Shots 34


The teams were pretty even in match 2. Tropical Storms have a slight edge in almost everything but saves, and seemed to spend a bit more time on offense, but were unable to capitalize when it mattered. Spastics also seem to have a more consistent defensive presence. I’m going to give the game a 2-2 tie again, but upsets do happen, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see either team come out on top.

The last week of Matches is sure to be exciting, especially in the Fire Division. With no teams that are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, they’ll all have to fight to stay alive right to the very end.


Major League Recap – Written by Zacer (Tropical Storms, cdrch Minor)


Week 5 Standings

Fire Division, Leaders: Kings

Team Name Week 5 Record Overall Record
Kings 4-4 27-13
Thunderbirds 5-3 26-14
Flailers 5-3 18-22
Tornadoes 4-4 15-25
Sky Boys 4-4 14-26

The Kings have clinched a playoff spot, but not the division. They hold a one game lead over the Thunderbirds. The Kings tied both their matches, with one tie coming against the Tornadoes. That ends the the Kings match day win streak at 6. An impressive feat for the Tornadoes who remain one game ahead of the last place Sky Boys. The Flailers, Tornadoes, and Sky Boys are in a race to avoid elimination, and, for the moment, nobody has blinked.

Leaves Division, Leaders: Asteroids

Team Name Week 5 Record Overall Record
Asteroids 5-3 27-13
Cubs 2-6 21-19
Bois 4-4 21-19
Flaming Potatoes 5-3 17-23
Buccaneers 2-6 14-26

The Asteroids have also clinched a playoff spot, but not the division. They have a six game lead over the Cubs. The Cubs struggled this week, dropping matches to the Asteroids and Flailers. With three matches left in the season, the Cubs should be able to avoid elimination from the playoffs. The last place Buccaneers continue to lose, but could put pressure on the Flaming Potatoes. The Flaming Potatoes are three games ahead of the Buccaneers, but are trending up. It’s getting towards the end of the season and this division is in a serious state of flux.

Power Players

Echo, Asteroids: Echo had the highest point total for match day 9. With 1205 points, he was everywhere on the pitch. His effort helped the Asteroids take a 3-1 victory over the Cubs and secure a playoff spot. And most impressively, Echo had 6 assists. Not one team combined to total more assists than Echo.

Zamma, Flaming Potatoes: The Flaming Potatoes lost game 1 of match day 9, but it was the Zamma show after that. He received the MVP for each of their wins and set a relentless pace on offense. Zamma took 14 shots, the most of any major player on that day. He didn’t get many assists or saves, but keeping your team on the offensive is the best defense anyways.

Cineo, Sky Boys: Match day 10 the Sky Boys entered a crucial match against the Tornadoes. Both teams are vying to avoid elimination from the playoffs. It was a hard fought match, resulting in a 2-2 stalemate. Cineo stepped up by scoring 1135 points, the highest total for match day 10. He constantly forced the issue on offense, taking 14 shots and scoring 5 of his teams 7 goals in the series.


Key Match For Week 5

Cubs vs. Flailers

Cubs Totals Flailers
2110 Points 2670
6 Goals 13
23 Shots 26
5 Assists 6
10 Saves 11

“Somebody has to save our skins.” -Leia Organa

Turtle_Assassin to the rescue!

Flailers win 3-1.

Thanks to Turtle_Assassin, the Flailers have some distance from last place. He paced his team on offense, accruing 11 shots, 4 goals, 4 assists, and 2 MVPs. This was clearly a team effort. The Cubs didn’t go down without a fight, as they only took three less shots on net than the Flailers. The brick wall for the Flailers this match was Biggins. He had 7 of his teams 11 saves. While Rayem Whisperwind provided accuracy, burying 5 of his 8 shots on net.

The Cubs are slipping. DarthGoje is doing his best to hold the ship together. Perhaps he should consider taking on two apprentices instead of one. He scored 4 of his teams 6 goals, and took 13 of their 23 shots. The Cubs have had a rough go of it with the loss of 3DGrunge, but they still have time to figure things out before the playoffs.

Match To Watch Week 6

Cubs vs. Sky Boys

Sky Boys Per Game Average Cubs
605 Points 613.63
1.80 Goals 2.38
5.95 Shots 6.30
1.28 Assists 1.65
3.43 Saves 2.83

The Sky Boys have been making a solid effort to escape last place. The Cubs are in a position where they can afford to lose some games. In reality, the Cubs are probably feeling more pressure to perform due to their recent struggles. This match represents two teams who bring their own stakes to the match. It’s not some random 3v3 match. It’s two teams fighting to prove they’re better than what the stats say. Well, what do the stats say?

The Cubs are going to crush the Sky Boys. The Sky Boys have the worst defense in the league, and the Cubs have the second best shot percentage. Teams want to prove they’re better than their worst stats and live up to their best ones. Rocket League is a mental game, and ORSA Dynasty Cup displays the harsh truth of how teams are actually working together. With that said, let’s look at assists.

The Cubs are second in the majors with assists, 66. While the Sky Boys have a fair bit less, totaling 51. On a smaller scale, the Cubs had 11 assists last week, and the Sky Boys had 9. That shows that the Cubs are playing more at the Sky Boys level, and are performing far below what they’ve been averaging for the season. This series will be a close one, but I never predict ties, so I’m picking the Cubs to win 3-1. Obviously DarthGoje takes my advice and takes on that second apprentice.

ORSA Dynasty Cup has reached 79% boost. Every game counts. Every goal counts. Every goal allowed can decide if your team makes the playoffs or not. I look forward to seeing how our Major teams forge their destinies. Best of luck!


Premier League Recap – written by Heca (Sky Boys, Salvo Major)


Week 5 Standings

Fire Division, Leaders: Space Boys

Team Name Week 5 Record Overall Record
Space Boys 4-4 24-16
Aces 7-1 23-17
Cerebrals 2-6 19-21
Phoenix Arising 1-7 17-23
Hurricanes 5-3 9-31

A lot happened this week in the Fire Division, the Space Boys are still the leaders of the Division, but with a mediocre record this week, and an absolutely explosive week from the Aces, there’s a chance that they could lose that title before the playoffs.  Relatedly, the Cerebrals had another losing week, while they had an incredibly strong start to their season, and will likely advance to the playoffs, at this point I think it’s safe to ask if they stand much of a chance in the playoffs, which isn’t something I thought I would find myself considering two weeks ago.

As is stands both the Space Boys and the Aces have clinched playoff spots, even if they lose every single game this week they will still be in the playoffs in the post season.  As for why it’s only those two teams, our final week this season, week 6, has a special surprise in store for our teams: a double header.  Every team will play 3 matches this week, one on Monday, and two on Wednesday, back to back.  The Hurricanes look like our likely last place teams, who will not advance to the playoffs, but there is a chance that they can still make it.  If the Hurricanes win at least 8 of their games and Phoenix Arising lose at least 7, the Hurricanes will be guaranteed a playoff spot (I say that Phoenix Arising must lose 7 because should they lose only 4 then it will go to a Goal Differential tie breaker, and it is unlikely that the Hurricanes will make up the 49 goals separating them from Phoenix Arising).  Likewise if the Hurricanes win 10 games and the Cerebrals lose 9 the Hurricanes will also get into the playoffs (again, the Hurricanes would have to make up 55 goals to beat the Cerebrals in a tie break scenario).

Leaves Division, Leaders: Privateers

Team Name Week 5 Record Overall Record
Privateers 7-1 24-16
Hot Garbage 0-8 23-17
Comets 7-1 22-18
Wolves 5-3 22-18
Big Bois 4-4 17-23

On the other side of the league in the Leaves Division: no one is safe.  All of these teams still have a chance at being knocked out of playoff contention, so I expect the race in this division to be intense.  The Privateers are coming off of a hot week, with a very strong showing by Loosecannon, and with two weeks of solid performance they haven’t shown any signs of slowing down this week.  Hot Garbage, on the other hand, appears to be in free fall.  Last week they went 3-5, this week they failed to win a single game.  The common thread between those two weeks? Ryzai.  He has not made an appearance in a single game over the last four match days.  His availability may be what makes or breaks Hot Garbage’s chances of making it into the playoffs, and beyond.

Power Players

Loosecannon33, Privateers: Looosecannon went off this week, and was no doubt a large part of the reason that the Privateers were able to jump to first place in the leaves division, overcoming a 6 win difference with Hot Garbage.  He had 18 of his team’s 28 goals on 32 shots, and assisted 5 others.  82% goal participation is nothing to shake a stick at, and neither is 56.25% shot accuracy.

Mr_Lovette, Comets: Mr_Lovette did a lot to ensure that his team had an excellent record this week, putting up 2540 points, 13 goals on 28 shots, with an additional 7 assists, the most on his team.  With this performance the Comets were able to overtake the Wolves for 3rd place in the Leaves division.

A Dead Cow, Phoenix Arising: A Dead Cow may be the only reason that his team didn’t get completely swept this week, he put up 2445 points, 11 of his team’s 19 goals, 26 of his team’s 51 shots, and he had 14 of his team’s 31 saves.  A Dead Cow continues to be a lynchpin player for Phoenix Arising, hopefully the rest of his team can pick up the slack this week to secure their spot in the playoffs.

Honorable Mention

Walidos, Aces: Walidos only played on Wednesday this week, but he had quite a series.  He had 1835 total points, the most we’ve seen in a single series, he had 12 goals, the first time we’ve seen double digit goals from a single player, and he had a shot percentage of 63%, scoring those 12 goals on only 19 shots.  It looks like Walidos is finally showing why he was one of this season’s first round draft picks.

Key Match for Week 5

Privateers vs. Hot Garbage

Privateers Totals Hot Garbage
3015 Points 2000
11 Goals 5
9 Assists 4
4 Saves 16
35 Shots 15

This series started both the Privateer’s excellent week, and Hot Garbage’s dismal one.  The Privateers, Loosecannon in particular, went off, Loosecannon scoring 9 of the Privateer’s 11 goals, and assisting the other 2, which were scored by Classé.  Hot Garbage, on the other hand, were mostly held to their own end of the field, with Nagz being credited with a valiant 10 saves, it was unfortunately not enough to get Hot Garbage back into the series, and in the end, the Privateers swept Hot Garbage 4-0.

Match to Watch for Week 6

This section normally only has a single game, but with the threat of elimination from the playoffs looming over the heads of eight different teams, there’s more than one series that I’m going to have my eyes on.  Due to the extra matches I’m adding to this section this week I won’t provide stats/analysis, and will instead provide a few sentences of why I think it’s an important game to keep an eye on.

Match Day 11: Hurricanes vs. Cerebrals

If the Cerebrals win this series they clinch their spot in the playoffs. If they lose more than a single game to the Hurricanes, there’s a chance that they’ll be forced into last place on Match Day 12 and forced out of playoff contention. The Hurricanes faced the Cerebrals on Match Day 2, and lost the series 0-4.

Match Day 12, Match 1: Hurricanes vs. Aces

The second obstacle that the Hurricanes will have to overcome to make their way into the playoffs, they’ll have to avoid getting swept by the Aces if they want to have a realistic chance at making it in. These teams played each other on Match Day 9, and the Aces took the series 3-1.

Match Day 12, Match 2: Phoenix Arising vs. Hurricanes

The Hurricane’s final challenge, at this point they’ll know if they’re out or if they need to win against Phoenix Arising, and Phoenix Arising will know if they’re in, or if they need to win against the Hurricanes.  The last time these teams met, on Match Day 8, Phoenix Arising won 3-1

Match Day 12, Match 2: Wolves vs. Big Bois

Part of the intensity to this match will rely on the other two matches that will be played before this one, but if these teams are still close when this match comes around, as they have been most of the season, then there’s a chance that this could be a deciding match in who goes to the playoffs.  Of note: the only other time these two teams met, in Match Day 7, they went 2-2.

Match Day 12, Match 2: Hot Garbage vs. Comets

Comets were hot in week 5, with a 7-1 record, Hot Garbage was not, going 0-8.  If those streaks continue the Comets could knock Hot Garbage out of playoff contention in this series.  These two teams met on Match day 10, and the Comets won 4-0, I’m certain they’ll be looking to continue that performance, and Hot Garbage will be looking to make up for that loss.


With the coming week marking the end of league play, teams are racing to ensure that they make the playoffs.  This week is sure to be exciting, especially Wednesday with the double header!  Whatever happens, good job this season to all our teams, we look forward to seeing you in season 3 and beyond!

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