ODC Season 2 Week 6 Recap

Minor League Recap – Written by Nagz (Hot Garbage, Parkdog Premier)

Division Standings

Fire Division Leaders: Tropical Storms, 32-20

Tropical storms just barely pull out the division leader spot at the end of the season. Although they took a 0-4 loss against Jacks, who had a very strong week, they were able to win 3-1 against the two other strong teams: Spastics and Ground Boys.

Team Name Record Goal Differential
Tropical Storms 32-20 26
Spastics 31-21 31
Ground Boys 29-23 12
Jacks 27-25 -3
Griffins 21-31 -16

Leaves Division, Bucks, 34-18

The Bucks’ season leader win is a little more convincing, clinching the spot by 6 wins and a goal differential of +45. Although they struggled in Match 11, Steaming Beans had to forfeit match 12, and Bucks pulled a 4-0 win against Little Bois as well.

Team Name Record Goal Differential
Bucks 34-18 45
Steaming Beans 28-24 26
Pirates 28-24 11
Little Bois 19-33 -60
Meteorites 11-41 -72

Power Players:

Bmill56, Jacks: Arguably the largest force behind Jacks turning their season around, Bmill scored a whopping 3330 points in week 6. He also scored 15 goals and 5 MVP medals.

Yasheem, Bucks: The week 6 division leaders are a force to be reckoned with, having the most shots, at 26, and 11 goals, tied with gcp_concept on his team. Although he had few assists and saves, he and GCP seem to be the top scorers for their team, and yasheem scored the most points in week 6, at 2050.

R4abblerouser, Steaming Beans: Steaming Beans had an average season, and even though the team had to forfeit one of their week 6 games, they still made a playoff spot. In match 11, heand his teammate, Liquid Cight, scored a combined 15 goals, with R4bble scoring 7. He also had 6 assists, and the most shots, at 14.

Key Match for Week 6:

Jacks vs Griffins

Jacks were in the running for an upset, and they nailed it with a win against Griffins 3-1. Jacks were in last place in their division multiple weeks in a row, and seemed to be out of the running, but finally found their stride around week 4, where they consistently won or at least tied matches. This was the first nail in Griffins’ coffin, as they were the only team in the way of Jacks making a playoff spot.

Jacks Totals Griffins
2375 Points 1745
12 Goals 6
7 Assists 5
5 Saves 9
29 Shots 15

Jacks ferociously outplayed Griffins, having twice as many goals and shots. Though they may have started the season slow, they certainly showed that they’re a force to be reckoned with, and I expect good things for them during playoffs.

Due to delays in the writing of these, playoffs are currently in full swing. We’ll be doing a full write-up of the events. As of right now, the finals will be played on Wednesday, and It will be between Spastics, of Fire Division, and Bucks, of Leaves.

Major League Recap – Written by Zacer (Tropical Storms, cdrch Minor)

Week 6 Division Standings

Fire Division, Leaders: Kings

Team Name Week 5 Record Overall Record
Kings 10-2 37-15
Thunderbirds 7-5 33-19
Flailers 7-5 25-27
Tornadoes 6-6 21-31
Sky Boys 4-8 18-34

With a dominating week 6 performance, the Kings cemented themselves as the best Major team in Orsa Dynasty Cup Season 2. The Championship game still awaits. The Thunderbirds finished strong, being one of three teams to reach 30+ wins. Bringing up third is the Flailers; they ended their regular season by winning 6 of their last 8 matches. The Tornadoes earned themselves a playoff berth by toughing out wins against the Flailers and a tie against the Thunderbirds. The Sky Boys missed playoffs, but clearly have the talent to be contenders next season.

Leaves Division, Leaders: Asteroids

Team Name Week 5 Record Overall Record
Asteroids 6-6 33-19
Bois 6-6 27-25
Cubs 6-6 27-25
Flaming Potatoes 4-8 21-31
Buccaneers 4-8 18-34

The Leaves division ended the season on a mostly even note. Three of the five teams had .500 records for week 6. The Asteroids wrapped up first place by getting 3 of their 6 wins from the Bois. Clearly the Bois recovered, as they managed to stave off the Cubs from second place. The Cubs lost two out of three series; though, the series they won was a 4-0 against the Cinderella Flaming Potatoes. The. Flaming. Potatoes. They deservedly got fourth place, because they couldn’t manage to win a single one of their week 6 series. Lastly, the Buccaneers. Was that messed up? They round out the Leaves division in fifth place. Yet, they still got to end their season with dignity. Match day 11, Buccaneers beat the first place Asteroids 3-1.

Power Players

Creature, Kings: Match day 12/12.5, Creature was an unstoppable force of nature. He was chucked into the River Styx but he has no Achilles heel! I’ll let his stats stand alone. 6 MVPs. 34 shots. 14 goals. 2535 points. I honestly feel like we need some stat corrections up in here. I didn’t feel comfortable typing all those numbers.

Artophwar, Buccaneers: Match day 11, Artophwar was a great GM to himself. He must’ve said something like, “Art, you just have to go and hit that ball. Because when you do…good things happen.” And, he was right. His 1065 lead the Majors in points that day and he helped his team 3-1 the first place team in the Leaves division.

DarthGoje, Cubs: Match day 12/12.5, DarthGoje went all sith lord. I hope that his goal explosion is electroshock. His powers that day were nearly on par with Creature’s. He got 4 MVPs and 10 goals on 21 shots. I didn’t want to include DarthGoje as a power player two weeks in a row, but this was unavoidable. He also accrued 10 saves and 2145 points. Is that Anakin driving your car? The padawans are no more.

Key Match For Week 6

Buccaneers vs. Asteroids

Buccaneers Totals Asteroids
2700 Points 2395
10 Goals 8
29 Total Shots 28
6 Assists 4
10 Saves 12

Shot through the heart

And you’re to blame.

You give love a bad name (bad name).

I play my part and you play your game.

You give love a bad name (Buccaneers)!

Buccaneers win 3-1

In all the excitement for playoffs, the Buccaneers stepped up on match day 11. Yes, the Bucs ended up getting eliminated. But when a last place team beats a first place team, that is always news. It was a hard fought series and is more than worthy to be the Key Match for week 6.

Artophwar lead the offense. He played a balanced game, resulting in two MVPs. Overall, everybody on the Bucs did their part. Tyshalle was accurate and provided consistent offensive pressure; he took 11 shots and got 5 goals. While TheDonkerZ played cleanup crew, getting the least amount of points, but still took 8 shots and saved three goals. With the Bucs only getting two more goals in the series than the Asteroids, every save was crucial.

The Asteroids by no means played bad. They kept themselves in the series, which is why they won their division. Consistency is the name of the game in Rocket League, and the Asteroids distributed the ball even better than the Bucs. The goal spread was almost even, with Sicarius and tyKilla making 3 goals, and ToastyGloves with 2.

The Buccaneers may not have made playoffs, but, if this roster sticks together, it’s obvious they will be capable of much better things next season.

Match To Watch Week 6

No match to watch this week. Well, other than the Finals!

ORSA Dynasty Cup has reached 100% boost. Championship games are on their way! It’s the Cinderella Flaming Potatoes versus the Almighty Kings.



Premier League Recap – Written by Heca (Sky Boys, Salvo Major)


Final Division Standings

Fire Division, Leaders: Aces

Team Week 6 Record Overall Record
Aces 7-5 30-22
Phoenix Arising 9-3 26-26
Space Boys 1-11 25-27
Cerebrals 6-6 25-27
Hurricanes 5-7 14-38

There were quite a few position changes coming out of our final week, due to a few things.

  1. Space Boys seemed to take it easy in week 6, having clinched their spot in the playoffs after the end of week 5.  In every match they played they had to sub players up from the Sky Boys, burnttoast and DontTazeMeBro subbing on Monday, and Heca subbing up for the first set of the double header.  For the second match of the double header they weren’t able to field a full team and opted to forfeit the match.
  2. The Aces continued their winning performance from week 5.  They had also clinched their position in the playoffs, but it seems that they were hungry for the top seed, and they managed to secure it by a convincing margin.
  3. Phoenix Arising, led by A Dead Cow, put on a dominant performance this week, tying with Fire Division Leaders, the Aces, 2-2, going 4-0 against the Space Boys, and taking the Hurricanes 3-1, making certain that they were advancing to the playoffs and that the Hurricanes were not.

Leaves Division, Leaders: Privateers

Team Week 6 Record Overall Record
Privateers 7-5 31-21
Wolves 9-3 31-21
Hot Garbage 7-5 30-22
Comets 4-8 26-26
Big Bois 5-7 22-30

In the Leaves division things look mostly the same as they did during week 5, with one exception, the Wolves had 3 separate 3-1 series this week and jumped from 4th place to 2nd, led by DEZtination, who was a defensive powerhouse, putting up 23 of his team’s 43 saves, and pulling out a whopping 5 savior medals in the final week of league play.

Power Players

A Dead Cow, Phoenix Arising: A Dead Cow is showing off why he’s a Grand Champion, being the leader of his team in every stat.  He had 17 of his team’s 25 goals, 14 of their 26 assists, 18 of their 44 save, and 45 of their 91 shots in week 6.  He seems to be outplaying both his opponents and his teammates, and they’ll be looking to catch up in the playoffs and next season.

Walidos, Aces: Walidos and el diablo rojo seem to be the Ace’s power duo, but, much like with A Dead Cow, the Grand Champion on the Aces seems to be doing the heavy lifting for his team, leading in every stat for week 6.  He had 14 of his team’s 35 goals (tied with el diablo rojo this week, but Walidos leads outright in every other stat), 12 of his team’s 29 assists, 13 of 35 saves, and 43 of 102 shots.  Walidos is a force to be reckoned with, and with el diablo rojo also pulling a lot of weight for his team, they’re a force to be reckoned with during the playoffs, and going into the future seasons.

DEZtination, Wolves: DEZtination may be the reason that his team jumped from 4 place in the Leaves Division to 2nd, he had 11 of his team’s 30 goals, 8 of their 26 assists, 23 of 43 saves, and 32 of of 106 shots.  While he only led his team in two categories, he was definitely coming in clutch keeping the ball out of the Wolves’ net during week 6, and will look to continue doing so as in the future, as well as continuing to apply pressure on offense.

Key Match for Week 6

Hot Garbage vs. Wolves

Hot Garbage Totals Wolves
2245 Points 2475
5 Goals 6
3 Assists 6
12 Saves 12
23 Shots 28

A struggling Hot Garbage team had a lot to prove coming into this game, they’ve been on a losing streak without Ryzai the last 2 weeks, and while he’s here in this series, Xerotherm is missing.  While the stat lines look close, you can see that all the Wolves’ were able to have their way with Hot Garbage in regards to team plays, while preventing Hot Garbage from doing much of anything very threatening on offense, allowing only only 5 goals, and only allowing 3 assists.

Match to Watch for Playoffs

The Finals! Aces v Comets! That is all.

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