ODC Season 3 Week 2 Recap

Minor League Recap – Written by Nagz

Week 2 Standings

Fire Division

Team Weekly Record Overall Record
Jacks 6-2 10-6
Griffins 3-5 7-9
Tropical Storms 4-4 6-10
Spastics 1-7 5-11
Ground Boys 1-7 4-12

With convincing 3-1 wins in games 3 and 4, Jacks pull ahead of the pack in their division. Being up by 3 wins may not seem like much, but being so early in the season, the Jacks prospects are looking very good.

Leaves Division

Team Weekly Record Overall Record
Meteorites 8-0 12-4
Steaming Beans 4-4 11-5
Bucks 4-4 10-6
Pirates 5-3 9-7
Little Girls 5-3 6-10

Leaves Division appears to be much closer, with the top four teams separated by only one game each. Meteorites are in the lead with 12 wins, followed closely by Steaming Beans with 11 wins. Once again, this doesn’t mean much at the beginning of the season, but just as The Jacks, in Fire Division, are pulling ahead so early, Little Girls are falling behind. If they don’t change something soon, they’ll have much more catching up to do.

It’s also worth noting that Meteorites have 0 Division wins, while Steaming Beans have 4, and Pirates have 5. With the records so close, both of these teams have a decent chance of tying records with Meteorites and winning the division tiebreaker. It’s still a little too early to tell, but it seems that Leaves Division will be rather interesting this season.

Power Players

tyKilla, Meteorites: Match day 3: Meteorites had an abysmal performance in seasons 1 and 2, but they seem to finally be turning things around this season, leading their division with a record of 12-4. Scoring the most points match 3, with 1370, tyKilla seems to be a critical piece of Meteorites success. Converting 6 goals from 8 shots, and also managing 6 saves in their 4-0 series against Ground Boys, Meteorites are well on their way to a playoff spot if they can keep this momentum.

Gamatatsu, Steaming Beans: Match day 4: Scoring 1145 points, Gamatatsu was everywhere for Steaming Beans, scoring 5 of his teams 11 goals, and 4 out of 8 saves. He also had 2 of his team’s MVP medals in their 3-1 victory over Ground Boys.

General Mills, Meteorites: Match day 4: Meteorites had a fantastic week, with a record of 8-0 for week 2. General Mills was key to holding Meteorites momentum from match day 3, scoring 4 of his team’s 9 goals, and having 7 of 16 saves.

Honorable Mentions:

GotMott, Ground Boys: Ground Boys had a tough week, with a week 2 record of 1-7, but that does not mean they didn’t play well. GotMott, in particular, had great plays, scoring 4 of his team’s 8 goals (with a 100% shooting percentage: 4 shots and 4 goals!) on match day 4, and an exceptional 10 saves.

Key Match for Week 2

Match Day 4: Meteorites vs. Spastics

I hate to give one team so much of the spotlight, but given that Meteorites finished at the bottom of the league in season 2, and faced one of season 2’s better teams, Spastics, the outcome of this game is somewhat of a surprise. Spastics needed at least 3 wins to put themselves in 2nd place of their division, while Meteorites needed all 4 wins to clinch the top spot in their division for week 2. Meteorites continued their streak to finish off week two 8-0. However, Meteorites still have their work cut out for them; even though Meteorites swept the series, the stats are rather close.

Spastics Totals Meteorites
2250 Points 2860
4 Goals 9
3 Assists 8
23 Saves 16
22 Shots 33

Match Leaders:

Points: 1070: General Mills, Meteorites

Goals: 4: General Mills, Meteorites

Assists: 5: tyKilla, Meteorites

Saves: 11: CheesePie, Spastics

Spastics averaged just one goal per game, versus Meteorite’s 2.25 goals per game. While not particularly interesting on the surface, we can dig a little deeper. In season 2, Meteorites finished with a goal differential of -72, and won only 11 out of 52 games. In season 3, Meteorites have changed their starting lineup slightly, with Meteorites’ GM, tyKilla, coming down from the major league, and General Mills, a key pickup from the draft this season. Meteorites managed to click somehow, because they are not only a defensive powerhouse this season, they’ve also been able to force Spastics onto defense for the majority of the series.

Future Prospects

It’s still a bit early to tell. Jacks have a bit of an early lead in Fire Division, with one of them being against the bottom team in their division. However, the bottom 4 teams in Fire Division are separated by one game each, and Ground Boys being at the bottom may just be an early season fluke. Meteorites have turned their team around and are at the top of their own division, but they have a much smaller lead, and zero division wins. With an inter-division match against Jacks coming up, they’re going to need a few wins against them in case a tie needs to be decided.

Editor’s Interview

I had the chance to ask a few questions of Devitalize-, the captain of the Canicola’s Minor team, the Jacks, about his team’s performance this week, and some more general questions about his team’s outlook and what they’re looking forward to as the season progresses, and I’ve got to say, Canicola definitely picked a confident captain for a confident team!

Heca: Tell me about your performance this week, what were some key factors that led to your success/failure?

Devitalize: Our team went 6-2 this week. Our team didn’t change from last season, so we are really feeling eachother now. We all get along great and have a good time on comms, that plays a huge part in our success.

H: How did you prepare for your matches this week?

D: We scrimmed a few other teams in ORSA and did some in house scrimming. We googled some finger dexterity workouts and have implemented them into our weekly training.

H: Who were you most impressed with on the teams that you played against this week?

D: We weren’t impressed with any opponent this week. We felt our losses were caused by our own mistakes, which include BMill56 own goaling at least once a series.

H: What matches are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?

D: I know my team is looking forward to playing Spastics because they knocked us out of the playoffs last season. I hope they are ready for us, because the Jack’s aren’t messing around this season. One of our players switched to PC and him just talking about those extra frames makes us PS4 players do better.

H: Are there any teams that you’re worried about? Why or why not?

D: The Jack’s aren’t worried about anyone. Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it never gets you anywhere. I do believe all minor teams should fear us, however.


Major League Recap – Written by Low Gravitas

Week 2 Standings

Fire Division

Team Weekly Record Overall Record
Tornadoes 5-3 9-7
Thunderbirds 4-4 8-8
Sky Boys 4-4 7-9
Flailers 2-6 5-11
Kings 0-8 4-12

After two full weeks, the Fire division is very close from top to bottom. Two games separate third and fourth, with all other positions being a single game apart. The Tornadoes sit on top in terms of games won, but a one-game lead is precarious.

Leaves Division

Team Weekly Record Overall Record
Gurls 7-1 12-4
Flaming Potatoes 7-1 12-4
Cubs 3-5 9-7
Buccaneers 4-4 7-9
Asteroids 4-4 7-9

The Leaves division has a little more separation with the Gurls and Flaming Potatoes tied for first, three games ahead of the third place Cubs. However, just as in the Fire division, only five games separates first from fifth.

Power Players

Xerotherm, Flaming Potatoes: Xerotherm dominated on Day 3, leading Flaming Potatoes’ sweep of the Kings. His 1540 total points is tops for any player so far this season, but goals are what matter, right? Well, his 8 goals are tops for the week and tied for the season record with teammate Ŧ | Melted’s Day 2 total. Adding 4 assists and 3 saves on the night, Xerotherm is looking to be a player other Major teams will have to account for when he’s on the pitch.

Dominipple, Tornadoes: With 4 goals and a whopping 7 saves on Match Day 3 (teammate fenixnuke was only 1 behind in both categories), Dominipple led the Tornadoes to a 3-1 series victory over the Flailers. Those 7 saves were combined with 11 more from his teammates, showing that defence may not win games, but it certainly can help.

Gurls, Match Day 4: Sebastian, Bloo, and D.Y.P 8130 really showed what a team effort can do. They swept the Kings, while showing one of the most even 4-game stat sheets possible. Sebastian and D.Y.P 8130 both got 3 goals with Bloo getting 4. Sebastian had 2 saves while the other two had 3 each. What a play!

Key Match For Week 2

Match Day 4: Asteroids vs. Flailers

Asteroids Totals Flailers
2845 Points 2325
10 Goals 6
7 Assists 4
13 Saves 16
31 Shots 23

Match Leaders

Points: 1015, theturbolemming (A)

Goals: 4, Sicarius (A)

Assists: 3, theturbolemming (A)

Saves: 9, Slaneyyy (F)

As we can see above, both divisions are still fairly close after week 2, but it didn’t have to be so. The Asteroids kept themselves in striking distance of the rest of the Leaves division by taking their Day 4 series against the Flailers 3 games to 1. It was a true team effort that did the trick. The Asteroids used all 5 roster members with each contributing to every stat category across the board, except for HendoThaNeezy who had all 6 shots denied.

The series started off very even. In game 1, both teams had a whopping 10 shots and 7 saves, but the Asteroids managed to sink a game-winner for a 2 to 1 win. Game 2 had fewer shots, but ended up a higher scoring affair. The Flailers were very efficient, scoring 4 goals on 5 shots for a 3-4 victory that evened the series. The Asteroids started to clamp down in game 3, limiting the Flailers to 1 goal on only 3 shots and achieving a 3-1 victory. The final game saw the Asteroids play lights out defence. They allowed 5 shots, but none found the back of the net. ToastyGloves and theturbolemming combined for 4 saves, with the post acting as a fourth defender on the other.

Looking Ahead

The Asteroids have the chance to carry this momentum into their day 5 Leaves division matchup with the Cubs. A series win there could pull them above the Wild Card line in the standings and push the Cubs under. On day 6 they face Fire division leaders the Tornadoes.

The Flailers have their work cut out for them in week 3. On day 5 they are matched up against the league leaders in goal differential, the Flaming Potatoes. They will get no break on day 6 when they face the team in second place in that same stat, the Gurls.

Editor’s Interview

I was able to ask a few questions of Creature, the captain for Canicola’s Major team, the Kings, and he was able to give me some insight into his team’s performance and mindset going into this week and forward.

Heca: Tell me about your performance this week, what were some key factors that led to your success/failure?

Creature: For this week, we severely underperformed compared to our expectations. A main issue with our team recently has been a lack of practice and scrimmaging to work well together again. I had been gone for last week so I missed two match days and came back in without the consistency I needed to have. Going forward, we’re definitely practicing more together and going into future matches with a different mindset than we’ve had this season.

H: How did you prepare for your matches this week?

C: Personally, I wasn’t able to get much preparation at all for the match I played this week since I had just gotten back home late Monday night. When we did have time to prepare, we often scrim against the Flaming Potatoes to get accustom to a fast-paced team that can take a ton of shots when given the chance.

H: Who were you most impressed with on the teams that you played against this week?

C: Bloo on the Gurls was very solid in our match. It seemed like every shot he took was going in and he was always in the right position to get a shot off before we could challenge him. I look forward to seeing how he continues in the season.

H: What matches are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?

C: We play the Thunderbirds in the opening matchday of this next week, and I’m excited to see how we can do with our full team back and with proper preparation before the game. I think I speak for all of the Kings when I say we’re hungry to get more wins and that no team in the next few weeks should underestimate us because of our record. We’re a great team, and the Major league will feel that again very soon.

H: Are there any teams that you’re worried about? Why or why not?

C: I’m most worried about the Tornadoes, Thunderbirds, and Flaming Potatoes. The Tornadoes, with two former GC’s and one of the top players in S1 Majors, have a lot of experience and mechanical skill that they can easily take over the pace of a game if you don’t respect their skill. With the Thunderbirds, they’ve been a main rival of ours throughout last season, and they’re our goal to beat to win our division. They have a ton of fast players and they can explode at times, and keeping control of the game is going to be one of our main focuses against them. The Flaming Potatoes are probably the most stacked Major team, with Xerotherm moving down from Premier to join Melted and Bill. They’ve got good teamwork and great shooters all throughout that they can be absolutely deadly if they get the ball rolling.




Premier League Recap – Written by Zacer

Week 2 Standings

Fire Division

Team Name Week 2 Record Overall Record
Aces 6-2 12-4
Phoenix Arising 5-3 11-5
Quads 4-4 7-9
Space Boys 4-4 7-9
Hurricanes 2-6 5-11

The Fire Division witnessed two 4-0’s, against the Leaves Division, over the course of match days 3 and 4. The Aces now lead the league with two 4-0’s, and the Space Boys got their first. The Aces and Phoenix Arising are slowly distancing themselves from the rest of the division with consistent play. Even so, this division kept it in neutral as no team managed a series win on both match days.

Leaves Division

Team Name Week 2 Record Overall Record
Wolves 5-3 10-6
Comets 6-2 9-7
Privateers 4-4 8-8
Big Girls 4-4 6-10
Hot Garbage 0-8 5-11

The Leaves Division also managed two 4-0’s of their own against the Fire Division; the Comets and Wolves were the teams who accomplished the feat. Hot Garbage continues to reel, getting 4-0’d by the Aces, understandable, and the Quads, which is worrisome. As a whole, this division is very tight, thanks to the Privateers getting a 3-1 over the Wolves on match day 3.

Power Players

Aech, Privateers: Aech, a true gunter, led the league on match day 1 with a high score of 1885 points. He (or is it she?) made those points count too, as he helped his team to a 3-1 series victory over the first place Wolves. The first game was a bit rough for Aech, as he only managed one shot and no goals. From there he turned on the afterburners, scoring 10 goals over the final three games. Savagely, those goals were spread out near even, giving Aech 3 hat tricks in one day.

A Dead Cow, Phoenix Arising: A Dead Cow was serving up mighty tasty hamburgers on match day 2. He was the MVP in each of three wins over the Privateers, and proved to be a force on offense and defense. Right from game 1 A Dead Cow was looking alive, but found 355 points wasn’t enough. So, he strapped on his plow and got to work. He trodded and plodded his way to 2 hat tricks and 2 saviors. Oh, and A Dead Cow led the league in points on match day 2 with 1680.

DEZtination, Wolves: DEZtination proved to be dire wolf alpha on match day 2, helping lift his teammates to a 4-0 over the Hurricanes. He only missed out on one MVP, but I doubt he’s complaining. Games 3 and 4 he sniffed out two cycles and now has 5 on the young season. A goal finisher, too. With a total of 9 goals on 19 shots, it appears the Wolves have a player who can keep them alive in any matchup.

Key Match For Week 6

Big Girls vs. Aces

Big Girls Totals Aces
2405 Points 2410
5 Goals 7
4 Assists 5
11 Saves 14
21 Shots 20

Big Girls and Aces split series.

Match Leaders

Points: 940, Jonny (BG)

Goals: 5, Sugar (A)

Assists: 4, apocalypse (A)

Saves: 7-T, el diablo rojo (A), Jonny (BG)

Starting strong

The Aces are 8-0 in games with Walidos, and 4-4 without. Walidos has played every Monday and missed every Wednesday. This was a Wednesday game and the Aces surely see these days as a chance to prove themselves as a worthy team without Walidos.

The first game went in favor of the Aces 2-1, who managed to convert 3 shots into 2 goals. Apocalypse walked away the MVP, leading his team with 2 saves. Despite that, the Big Gurls made their presence known with an avalanche of 7 shots.

Taking the momentum

Game 2 and 3 went to the Big Gurls. Molokoa, a season 1 Dynasty Champ, stepped up to help his team earn their first win. He scored both of his teams goals, and demonstrated some chemistry with Jonny who assisted twice.

Game 2 finished at 2-1 and was another defensive affair. Only one player, Molokoa, did not get a save. Jonny was the Big Gurl to take the lead this time. He got a cycle, and scored his first goal after being kept silent the first two games.

Finishing strong

The Aces took game 4, delivering a 3-0 shutout to the Big Gurls. The MVP for the match was apocalypse yet again. He was kept scoreless, but provided relentless pressure. Apocalypse took 5 of his team’s 8 shots, and participated in every single goal with 3 assists.

Take aways

The Big Gurls are still searching for their first series win, and just missed that against the Aces. Even so, they proved their toughness this week after splitting two tough series. They can say they stood their ground against the Aces and Phoenix Arising, teams who hold the first and second best record in the Premier League.

The Aces are close to being a dominant team without Walidos. The stats are there, and it’s only a matter of time until the wins follow. Each player showed they can help their team in their own way. This was demonstrated by the Aces having a different stat leader in every category.

Interesting Stats

  • Sugar (A) was the only player to score in each game
  • Every player had at least one goal
  • Jonny (BG) was the only player with a cycle
  • El diablo rojo (A) was the only player with a save in each game
  • Apocalypse got more MVPs (2) than goals (1)

ORSA Dynasty Cup has reached 44% boost. Every game counts. Every goal counts. Every goal allowed can decide if your team makes the playoffs or not. I look forward to seeing how our Premier teams forge their destinies. Best of luck!

Editor’s Interview

el diablo rojo, the captain of Canicola’s Premier level team, the Aces, gave me some solid answers to the questions that I had for him about his team and their outlook for the season.

Heca: Tell me about your performance this week, what were some key factors that led to your success/failure?

Diablo: We went 6-2. I feel like it could have been better but we were missing our top player Wali for Wednesdays games. We held our own against Big Boi Johnny’s team on Wednesday without him though. On Monday we played very well and got 2 Bra7ils.

H: How did you prepare for your matches this week?

D: We try to play as much with each other through the week as we can. Often doing in house scrims with some of our lower levels to get used to the way we want to play. Normally get on before the games to at least play some games for warm up.

H: Who were you most impressed with on the teams that you played against this week?

D: Dreamcatcher and Speedy were both pretty impressive on Monday. They played Ukrops who just was promoted from Major and he held his own as well. For Big Boi Johhny’s teams I would say Jonny who was their first round pick. They obviously have Molokoa as well who is extremely solid and plays very smart.

H: What matches are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?

D: Our games Monday against Phoenix Arising are big as we only hold a small lead on them for first place. Anytime we can win against DeadCow is a good time.

H: Are there any teams that you’re worried about? Why or why not?

D: There are many new players that can make a difference in the league. I feel that every team is improved with the draft picks. A couple players that I know can make a big difference are Fredrick and Aech. Luckily our team is mostly in tact with the addition of Apoc I feel like we should compete with any team very well.

Note from the editor:

As per week 2, I’ll be leaving a google form open for a couple days, until game time on Wednesday, in order to give you guys a chance to choose the players to be interviewed for next week’s recaps, Canicola is being excluded from the list to make sure that we have variety in this segment.  Please take a minute to pick whose captains you’d like to hear from here.


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