ODC Season 3 Week 3 Recap

Minor League Recap – Written by Nagz (Hot Garbage, Xerotherm Premier)


Week 3 Standings

Fire Division
Team Weekly Record Overall Record
Jacks 4-4 14-10
Tropical Storms 7-1 13-11
Griffins 5-3 12-12
Spastics 5-3 10-14
Ground Boys 4-4 8-16

The lead gained by Jacks has shortened considerably. With a tough 4-0 loss in Match 5 against Griffins, combined with Tropical Storms having a great 7-1 record this week has pushed them to being just one game ahead. Ground Boys and Spastics are still struggling to find their place, falling even further behind the pack.

Leaves Division
Team Weekly Record
Overall Record
Meteorites 5-3 17-7
Steaming Beans 5-3 16-8
Bucks 2-6 12-12
Pirates 0-8 9-15
Little Girls 3-5 9-15


Meteorites have kept control of their narrow lead over Steaming Beans, and the rest of the teams are beginning to fall behind. Pirates and Little Girls are now tied for last place with identical 9-15 records, and have some catching up to do if they want to fight their way out of the wildcard slots.


Power Players

tyKilla, Meteorites: TyKilla continues to dominate for his team, scoring a total of 10 goals during matches 5 and 6. Although his team as a whole struggled on Match Day 6 against Tropical storms, he still managed to score 4 of his teams six goals during that match.

Enceladus, Spastics: Match Day 6: Absent for Match Day 5, Enceladus put up a whopping 1525 points during Spastics’ 4-0 win against Little Girls.

Meteorites: Meteorites’ entire team is on fire this season. With a goal differential of +24, the highest in the league, it’s clear that they’ve finally found their groove, and I expect very good things from them in the coming weeks.

Key Match for Week 3

Griffins vs Jacks, Match Day 5


Though Jacks are still holding onto their lead in Fire Division, Griffins fought very hard against them, ending the match with a 4-0 win. It’s hard to say what happened to the Jacks this game. The same lineup of Bmill56, Devitalize-, and ImJustBuck performed considerably better in Match 6, but Griffins just seemed to have an answer for everything this match.


Griffins Totals Jacks
2665 Points 1615
11 Goals 6
7 Assists 4
4 Saves 8
24 Shots 15

Griffins didn’t really outperform by as wide of a margin as the 4-0 win would indicate. Where they really excelled is in their point values. Griffins were able to clear the ball more often and more effectively, keeping them on offense and creating more opportunities. With 11 goals to 6, the games were close, but Griffins were able to keep the pressure consistent, and with that earned themselves a sweep against a division leader.

Future Prospects

With only 3 matches left, next week is going to be fairly exciting. Meteorites and Steaming beans, separated by only 1 game in the Leaves division, will go head-to-head on Match Day 8. Steaming Beans are actually leading in division wins, with 6, compared to Meteorites with 4. This will be a big game for Meteorites if they want to finish the season at the top of Leaves Division.

Jacks are also behind in Division wins, but next week are playing the two bottom teams in their division, Spastics and Ground Boys. As well as Jacks have performed previously, it shouldn’t be an issue, but there’s always room for an upset.

Editor’s Interview

Deifik, Bucks (Woods Minor)

Tell me about your performance this week, what were some key factors that led to your success/failure?
We were both happy and upset with our performance this week. Monday’s games helped identify many of our faults as a team, such as rotations and communication. We were able to work on those things for Wednesday’s match in which we noticed improvement but a few mistakes kept us from the performance we were hoping for.

How did you prepare for your matches this week?

Scrims and team discussion were the main elements for improvement.

Who were you most impressed with on the teams that you played against this week?

The entire meteorites team impressed us with their speed and accuracy.

What matches are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?

All of them. We enjoy playing as a team every week.

Are there any teams that you’re worried about? Why or why not?

Several minor teams have stepped up their game compared to last season. We find that we need to take all of the games seriously because all teams can be very threatening if they are playing well that night. It is becoming an interesting and competitive season. We are enjoying it!



Major League Recap – Written by Low Gravitas (Tropical Storms, cdrch Minor)


Week 3 Standings

Fire Division
Team Weekly Record Overall Record
Tornadoes 4-4 13-11
Sky Boys 5-3 12-12
Kings 5-3 9-15
Thunderbirds 1-7 9-15
Flailers 1-7 6-18

With three match days left, the Fire division is still fairly tight. The division leaders, Tornadoes, are separated by a single game from Sky Boys. Kings had a solid week and leapt from last place to third. Thunderbirds are tied with Kings in wins, but are ahead in tie-breakers. (Likely regardless of pending rule changes: they lost the head-to-head matchup and are behind in division wins.) The last place Flailers could avoid the one-game play-in by picking up 3 games on either team. They get their first chance by playing the Thunderbirds directly on day 7.

Leaves Division
Team Weekly Record Overall Record
Gurls 7-1 19-5
Flaming Potatoes 6-2 18-6
Buccaneers 5-3 12-12
Cubs 3-5 12-12
Asteroids 3-5 10-14

Gurls and Flaming Potatoes are continuing to pull away from the pack. Gurls were one game shy of perfect this week with one loss to the Fire division’s Sky Boys. Looking at the playoff hunt, there is a tie for third, just as in the other division. Buccaneers won three games of the head-to-head, giving them the tiebreaker. (Buccaneers and Cubs are tied in division wins, so if the tiebreaker rules change, this could get interesting.) Both will have to watch out for Asteroids as they could rocket to third in Week 4 by winning their match-up with the Buccaneers. That is, assuming the Cubs can’t find a way to solve the league-leading Gurls.

Power Players

Melted, Flaming Potatoes: Going 6-2 in a given week is an accomplishment, and Flaming Potatoes can thank the consistent efforts of Melted for helping them get there. The league leader in total points was MVP in five out of those six wins. Melted’s best night came against division foes Cubs. Wednesday night showed us a hard-working player at both ends of the pitch who earned two hat tricks and a savior medal. That isn’t too much of a surprise considering Melted also is tied for the lead in cycles (games with at least one save, goal and assist).

Sebastian, Gurls: Who is Melted tied with in cycles? Look no further than Sebastian. This week the team player counted for 14 assists on top of 9 goals. This gives us a new league leader in assists who is also third in both shots and goals. All the more impressive? Sebastian has three fewer games played that most other league leaders. This rocketeer is someone to be reckoned with.

Prine, Thunderbirds: It was a rough week for Thunderbirds with only 1 win to show for their efforts. However, they have a bright spot in the performance of Prine. This week’s three-time Savior was huge in goal with 9 saves on Monday and another 8 Wednesday. Offense was solid as well with 4 goals each night.

Key Match For Week 3

Match Day 5: Sky Boys vs. Gurls
Sky Boys Totals Gurls
2275 Points 2990
8 Goals 15
7 Assists 10
10 Saves 12
25 Shots 30
Match Leaders

Points: 985, ChrisakaMrXD (SB)

Goals: 7, [Salsa] Bell Pepper (G)

Assists: 5, Sebastian (G)

Saves: 6-T, madmerrick_ (SB), Sebastian (G)


Sky Boys are 2nd this week in the Fire division after being 3rd last week. Leaves division leaders Gurls are looking to be the team to beat in the league this year. How did this cross-division showdown go down?

Gurls player [Salsa] Bell Pepper led the scoring in game one with a deadly 100% shooting percentage netting 4 goals. Sky Boys points leader in the game, ChrisakaMrXD, managed two goals, but in the end 2 saves from D.Y.P 8130 and 1 from Bloo gave Gurls the 5-2 win.

Game two had very similar statistics totals, but it was really the Sebastian show. Stepping in for Bloo, the game MVP provided 2 goals, 3 assists and 3 saves. AiMz of the Sky Boys got in on the scoring, but the effort was not enough to change the outcome, another 5-2 win for Gurls.

Both teams seemed to let off the accelerator a bit in game 3. Shot totals were down for both teams. In the end, Gurls were just more efficient They scored 57% of their 7 shots for a 4-1 win.

In the final game of the evening, Gurls continued to slide. Sky Boys took advantage, returning to their game 1 and 2 level of performance. AiMz scored 2 goals, ChrisakaMrXD scored 1, and both they and madmerrick_ had a save each. That was enough to give them their one win of the night, 3-1.

Looking Ahead

Sky Boys took their momentum from that last game into their division match with Thunderbirds on day 6. They won all 4 of the very close games by a single goal. That propelled them to 2nd in the Fire division. If they can continue that momentum in their day 7 division match with Kings, they have a good shot at first place as division-leading Tornadoes may have a tough time against Flaming Potatoes.

Ahh, Gurls. Not to drop journalistic impartiality, but what can you say about a team that consistently plays all 5 members, leads the league in almost every statistical category, and has won every 4-game match except for a day 1 tie with Flaming Potatoes, the other top team in the league? We should all wish the 12-12 Cubs good luck. They are going to need it.

Editor’s Interview

Dondochaka, Cubs (Woods Major)

Tell me about your performance this week, what were some key factors that led to your success/failure?

We had some tough games and most of our losses were within a point. We are all used to playing better than we have played together so I am optimistic about how we can get better as a team. We are working hard on our chemistry and we are starting to see it pay off by bringing more pressure to the defense, and so on.

How did you prepare for your matches this week?

Without revealing the secret sauce, I can say that we have been making time for practice and communicating a lot about how to improve.

Who were you most impressed with on the teams that you played against this week?

ToastyGloves was a wall we had to punch through to split our series against the Asteroids. The 3-1 series the Flaming Potatoes gave us could have gone the other way if Melted didn’t show up the way he did. He may be the toughest single player we’ve faced this far in the season.

What matches are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?

We have scrimmed a bit with the Gurls so I will be curious to see the result of that come Monday. Overall, my sights are mainly on the playoffs and the weeks we have until then we will be focused on tightening up even more.

Are there any teams that you’re worried about? Why or why not?

You can’t deny the Flaming Potatoes’ record. They will be a force to be reckoned with, but overall the league is pretty even so there is still time for surprises. I’m not very worried because I think that ultimately our success will come down to us.



Premier League Recap – Written by Zacer (Tropical Storms, cdrch Minor)


Week 3 Standings

Fire Division
Team Name Weekly Record Overall Record
Aces 5-3 17-7
Phoenix Arising 3-5 14-10
Hurricanes 5-3 10-14
Quads 1-7 8-16
Space Boys 1-7 8-16

The Aces remain division leaders, and now have 8 divisional wins after sweeping Phoenix Arising. Phoenix Arising still managed a decent week, and remain one of four teams in the Premier League with a positive goal differential. The Hurricanes started out rough, but went 4-0 against the Comets; they climbed up out of last place into third with that performance. The Quads fall from third to fourth after getting 4-0’d by the Big Girls. The Space Boys joined the Quads in receiving zero wins from the Big Girls, and are now grounded in last place. The Quads and Space Boys both have 2 divisional wins, so goal differential provides the difference. Quads: -14. Space Boys: -27.

Leaves Division
Team Name Weekly Record Overall Record
Privateers 6-2 14-10
Big Girls 8-0 14-10
Wolves 3-5 13-11
Hot Garbage 6-2 11-13
Comets 2-6 11-13

The Privateers jump from third to first. They went 3-1 against the Hurricanes and Aces. The Big Girls were, well, big girls. They dipped, ducked, dived, and dodged their way from fourth to second place with the help of beaver tranquilizers. The Wolves relinquish first place after having a sub-par week against the fourth and fifth place teams in their own division, Hot Garbage and the Comets. Hot Garbage turned things around with 6 wins after getting no wins week 2; they are now firmly placed in the playoff picture with 7 divisional wins, tied for second most behind the Aces 8. The Comets had the worst week of all Leaves Division teams, 2-6, and fell from second to last. Despite that, Comets are only 3 games out of first.

Power Players

Loosecannon33, Privateers: Loosecannon33 really had it all working on match day 1. He led the league in points, and didn’t have to do much defending as he was on the other side of the pitch, probably what seemed the entire time to the Hurricanes. Loosecannon33 was responsible for more than half of his team’s shots, 20 out of 39, and 7 of his team’s 14 goals. That solid performance snagged him two out of three MVPs, and helped his team 3-1 the Hurricanes.

Molokoa, Big Girls: Molokoa was second in points match day 1 with 1760, and earned three of four MVPs from the sweep. He scored 11 of his team’s 18 goals, and didn’t have to do much on defense…oh, wait, he did for one game at least. In game 2 he managed five of his eight saves for the series. What really set Molokoa apart was shooting percentage. He took less shots than Loosecannon33 and Bismarck, but made his touches count a bit more. 61% of his his shots found the back of net, snagging him more goals than anyone else that day.

Bismarck, Hurricanes: Match day 2 Bismarck helped the Hurricanes salvage their week. He led them to a 4-0 in style. The 4 MVPs to go along with 1680 points fits, but he only scored 5 goals. How did he get so many points? Well, by working all around the net all the time. He set up goals with 6 of his team’s 13 assists, and was a stalwart goalie with 8 of his team’s 15 saves. Hurricane Bismarck is here everyone!

Key Match For Week 3

Wolves vs. Hot Garbage
Wolves Totals Hot Garbage
2780 Points 3180
10 Goals 12
7 Assists 10
13 Saves 18
33 Shots 31

Hot Garbage wins series 3-1

Threaten Wolves for playoff spot

Match Leaders

Points: 1635, Speedy (H)

Goals: 8, Speedy (H)

Assists: 4-T, Dream-Catcher (H), Memlo (H), DEZtination (W)

Saves: 8, Speedy (H)

Shots: 15, DEZtination (W)

Hot Garbage heating up

The first game went to Hot Garbage by a slim margin: 2-1. Speedy, Memlo, and Dream-Catcher set the tone first match. Shoot, but you don’t score. Speedy got the savior-plus-one and a goal, Memlo snagged a goal too, and Dream-Catcher added two saves.

In game 2 The Wolves continued to get offensive opportunities, but Hot Garbage handled the heat just fine. They won 4-3, thanks to at least one goal from each player. The Wolves did make a respectable three goals on ten shots, improving on their one goal on nine shots in game 1.

Make that three in a row

Game 3 ended 3-1. Speedy remained the hottest garbage by getting his third MVP with two goals on six shots and an assist. Memlo and Dream-Catcher were also a big part of getting the third win. The Wolves only took three shots the whole game. That requires solid team play from start to finish.

Silver linings

Game 4 The Wolves won 5-3, avoiding the sweep with strong performances from their two players who started every match: DEZtination and Fredrick. DEZtination got a cycle and was one away from a playmaker and savior. Fredrick got the MVP with 3 goals on 3 shots and an assist.

Interesting Stats
  • Speedy (H) was the only player to score in every game.
  • Fredrick (W) made six goals on six tries over the final three games.
  • DEZtination (W) was the only player to get a save in each game.

ORSA Dynasty Cup has reached 66% boost. Every game counts. Every goal counts. I look forward to seeing how our Premier teams forge their destinies. Best of luck!

Editor’s Interview

DEZtination, Wolves (Woods Premier)

Tell me about your performance this week, what were some key factors that led to your success/failure?

Every week our offense is very strong in keeping pressure on the other team. This week although our offense was getting shots, the other teams defenses were doing a great job in reversing the field and putting the pressure on us. This wasn’t our best week, but we’ll work on our mistakes and be ready for the last few match-ups of the season.

How did you prepare for your matches this week?

All of our teams are trying to help each other out with our weekly practices, and before each match-up we like to have an hour of scrims to get ourselves warm and try to fix any problems we saw. We kept our routine this week too.

Who were you most impressed with on the teams that you played against this week?

Speedy from Hot Garbage was very tough to play against. When he wasn’t scoring on us, he was a brick wall on defense. It took everything we had to break through him and his team to score.

What matches are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?

In the final week, we go against 2 of the best Premier players there are. First we go against A Dead Cow, last seasons MVP. Then in the season finale we play against Walidos. He has been playing out of his mind this season and looks to be this seasons MVP.

Are there any teams that you’re worried about? Why or why not?

Obviously, any team that has Walidos on it will be tough to beat and we look forward to that match-up. Another team that looks strong and got stronger is the Privateers. They have consistently been tough to beat, whether it be in scrims or actual games.

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