ODC Season 3 Weeks 4/5 Recap

Minor League Recap – Written by Nagz (Hot Garbage, Xerotherm Premier)


End of Season Standings:

Fire Division  
Team Name 3-Day Record Overall Record
Griffins 9-3 21-15
Jacks 6-6 20-16
Tropical Storms 7-5 20-16
Ground Boys 7-5 15-21
Spastics 4-8 14-22

Jacks lose their lead to the Griffins, who just barely scrape by with one extra win after a great week 5. Tropical Storms and Jacks finish with the same record: Tropical Storms have more division wins, 8 to 7, but Jacks have a much higher goal differential at +9 versus 0. Jacks get placed ahead, due to their 3-1 win against Tropical Storms back in Match 1, but since both teams are above the wildcard mark, the only thing on the line was bragging rights.  Ground Boys and Spastics finish with much lower records than the top three teams, and they’ll be battling as the wildcards.

Leaves Division
Team Name 3-Day Record Overall Record
Meteorites 8-4 25-11
Steaming Beans 6-6 22-14
Little Girls 7-5 16-20
Bucks 2-10 14-22
Pirates 4-8 13-23

Meteorites prove that they are a different team than last season, finishing with the highest record in the league. The top 3 teams aren’t as close as Fire Division, but we see a much closer fight for the 3rd place spot. Bucks had an unfortunate end to their season, allowing Little Girls to surpass them. Pirates have also been struggling, and will be playing with Bucks as their division’s wildcards.

Power Players

RedWater333, Griffins: The key to Griffins’ success at surpassing Jacks for the division title, Redwater scored an impressive 11 of his team’s 13 goals in Match 7, and continued to be his team’s  top scorer, with 6 out of Griffins’ 9 total MVP medals in the last 3 matches.

CheesePie, Spastics: After a rough 0-4 loss in Match 7, Spastics decided to field CheesePie, which seemed to be a good choice. Match 8 showed him scoring 4 out of his team’s 12 goals, but he was much more impressive on defense with 8 out of 16 saves. Though Spastics didn’t fair as well in Match 9, CheesePie still put up rather good numbers, with 1005 total points, and his team’s only MVP medal in their 1-3 loss.

Key Match for Weeks 4-5

Little Girls vs. Meteorites, 2-2

Meteorites had a strong season, finishing top of the league. However, although they won 3-0 in Matches 7 and 8, they shouldn’t have given up a game in Match 7 against Pirates (bottom of their division), and their confidence may have been drained a bit for the remainder of the games. They pulled another 3-1 win against Steaming Beans, a much tougher opponent.

Little Girls, on the other hand, were able to sweep Bucks, 4-0, but received a 1-3 loss against Tropical Storms of Fire Division. Though their 4-0 sweep against Bucks put them ahead, their surprising performance against Meteorites cemented their position out of the wildcards with a 2-2 tie.

Little Girls Totals Meteorites
2430 Points 2590
8 Goals 11
8 Assists 8
14 Saves 11
23 Shots 37
Stat Leaders:

Points: 1120, GeneralMills (M)

Goals: 8, GeneralMills (M)

Assists: tyKilla (M)

Saves: MigueKun (M)

The stats are fairly even, which makes sense since the game ended in a tie. The real difference is in the shot count: Meteorites have 37 shots against Little Girls’ 23, a fairly wide margin. Meteorites only have 3 more goals, so if they want to really pull ahead, then they need to work on their shot accuracy. Meteorites also performed better individually, having all 4 match leader spots.

Looking Ahead

Little Girls performed very well, considering Meteorites have 9 more wins this season. They’ve proven that they can handle themselves under pressure, and that they can perform when relegation to the wildcard teams is on the line. It’ll be exciting to see if they can perform just as well when the playoffs are on the line.

As for the rest of Minor League, I expect Fire Division to be strong as usual. I also expect there to be a few upsets from the wildcards, especially in Leaves Division, since the records are so much closer.

Editors Interview (Primed, Steaming Beans)

Tell me about your performance at the end of the season, what were some key factors that led to your success/failure?

Our lineup wasn’t as consistent as earlier in the season, so I felt we were a little rusty in the final few matches. We could have used more scrims toward the end of the season to make sure we stayed sharp.

How are you preparing for the playoffs?

Planning to scrim or practice tonight during the makeup day. Would like to scrim a team, but also practice some 2v1 and 3v2 to work on our passing. We like to pass, but need to be more accurate.

Who were you most impressed with on the teams that you played this season?

I missed the game vs the Meteorites, but we scrimmed them. All three of their regular starters are very good. Also impressed by Redwater on the Griffins.

Do you have any particular strategies that you can share in place for the playoffs?

Solid defensive rotations with two-man clears against fast teams and power clears against overly aggressive teams. Tight offensive rotations with as much passing as possible, especially off the backboard and back wall. Teams at this level tend to bunch up around the goal and corner, so we need to do a better job of drawing them out with shots/passes around the posts and crossbar.

Are there any teams that you’re worried about? Why or why not?

Meteorites only because I missed the last match and we went 1-3. When we’ve scrimmed them at full strength it’s been pretty even, so it would be a great matchup.


Major League – Written by Low Gravitas (Tropical Storms, cdrch Minor)

End of Season Standings


Fire Division
Team 3-Day Record Overall Record
Sky Boys 7-5 19-17
Tornadoes 4-8 17-19
Kings 6-6 15-21
Thunderbirds 5-7 14-22
Flailers 4-8 10-26

Tornadoes faced a tough couple of matches against the top two Leaves division teams on Days 7 and 8. This shows in their record. Meanwhile, Sky Boys took advantage of a bit easier schedule taking two of their three matches. The end result is that Sky Boys continued their climb and take the Fire division by 2 games. Kings maintained their position just above the Wild Card line. That leaves Thunderbirds and Flailers to the one-game play-in to make it to the playoffs.

Leaves Division
Team 3-Day Record Overall Record
Gurls 9-3 28-8
Flaming Potatoes 6-6 24-12
Buccaneers 7-5 19-17
Cubs 6-6 18-18
Asteroids 6-6 16-20

Leaves division standings are exactly as they were before the last three match days, but there was some excitement. Gurls continued a dominating performance, winning each of their matches by 3-1 margins. In contrast, Flaming Potatoes slowed down significantly in the last two match days. They tied Asteroids and lost 3 of 4 in their match against Buccaneers. They will have to hope to turn that momentum around going into the playoffs. However, even with the upset against Flaming Potatoes, Buccaneers end the regular season 5 games behind them with a single game keeping them above the Wild Card line. Cubs and Asteroids will be fighting for a playoff spot in the one-game play-in.

Power Players

ChrisakaMrXD, Sky Boys: MVP in 5 of Sky Boys’ 7 wins, ChrisakaMrXD was dominating over the 3-day period. Totaling 9 goals and 17 saves, ChrisakaMrXD is a major reason Sky Boys ended the season in first place. The league leader in points over the last 3 match days also had top 5 stat totals in MVPs (1st), goals (T-5th), shots (T-3rd), assists (T-5th), and saves (2nd).

Benji, Buccaneers: With 9 goals and 15 saves, Benji had an impressive 3-day total. Looking closer, that included a somewhat slow start on Day 7 with a strong finish on Day 9 bagging 3 MVP awards. The last match of the season is a good time to have that momentum. If it continues, Buccaneers have a shot at taking down one of the top seeds.

Creature, Kings: Kings have Creature to thank for keeping them in a number of games. The leader in the league in shots and goals over the 3-day period tallied 13 goals on 40 shots. Given Creature was MVP of 5 of their 6 wins, one could say Kings are a bit of a “Creature feature.”

Key Match For Week 4-5

Match Day 9: Flaming Potatoes vs. Buccaneers
Flaming Potatoes Totals Buccaneers
1950 Points 2300
4 Goals 6
4 Assists 3
15 Saves 11
17 Shots 25
Match Leaders

Points: 1180, Benji (B)

Goals: 5, Benji (B)

Assists: 3, XeroMom (FP)

Saves: 6-T, Benji (B), XeroMom (FP)

This was a defensive battle with 26 saves and only 10 goals. It was also a very close match with each game decided by a single goal. Benji put on a strong showing scoring half of the total goals scored, with at least 1 per game.

Game 1 saw both teams rack up 7 shots. In the end it was Buccaneers with the one extra save that made the difference. They take the 0-1 match lead with a 1-2 game victory.

In the second game, Flaming Potatoes were almost completely shut down. Their 1 shot was saved by TwoToedSloth, who also got the assist on Benji’s goal. That lone goal was all of the scoring giving Buccaneers a 0-2 match lead.

The 3rd game again saw Buccaneers making the extra save needed to take the win. Zamma of Flaming Potatoes tried to get the offense going with 1 goal on 2 shots, but Benji’s 4 shots resulted in 2 goals to give Buccaneers the game win 1-2 and the match win at 0-3.

Dynasty Cup’s 4-game match format meant that Flaming Potatoes had one more chance to turn things around before the end of the regular season. XeroMom and Melted came through with near-identical stat lines each with 1 goal on 2 shots, 1 assist each, and 2 saves each. That’s right, they both got a cycle, meaning Melted ends up with a league-leading 9 cycles on the season. The match ended in a 1-2 victory for Buccaneers on the 2-1 game victory for Flaming Potatoes.

Looking Ahead

Why is this the Key Match for this week? Not only was it close, it was a fairly major upset. However, the major factors in the choice were the implications going into the playoffs. For the Buccaneers, it put them one game above the Wild Card line and clinched their berth in the postseason. Not only that, but it shows that they can take on one of the top teams in the league and come out on top.


For the Flaming Potatoes, this match reinforced some concerns that arose in the previous match day’s performance against Asteroids. Assuming Bill3113 returns to the lineup, they may well return to form, but XeroMom and Melted are league leaders in multiple stats and neither performed as expected. Flaming Potatoes went into Week 5 with a shot at overtaking Gurls. They end it looking very vulnerable, and in the playoffs, anything can happen.

Editor’s Interview (Melted, Flaming Potatoes)

Tell me about your performance at the end of the season, what were some key factors that led to your success/failure?

At the end of the season? Lackluster. We really wanted that first seed spot. Monday was a 2-2 series but Wednesday was the only day we went negative, and after looking back at the stats, we had far less shots on net than the other weeks. However, all the losses on Wednesday were 1 goal games, so it all came down to who made the littlest mistake.

How are you preparing for the playoffs?

With Bill gone for all of last week, we are grinding like crazy trying to get back into the groove with each other. We are going to try to scrim everyday since there is a considerable break between quarters, and if we can’t, well time to hit up that ranked playlist!

Who were you most impressed with on the teams that you played this season?

This is a very tough question for me. I wouldn’t say any single person impressed me, but the entire team, the Buccaneers. Scrimming against them showed positive results but they really stepped up their game during our match day. Their backboard defense is really good and that hindered our play style. If they keep it up, they’ll be a tough team for us to break through.

Do you have any particular strategies that you can share in place for the playoffs?

Communication is key as it’s harder on defense than on offense. Make sure y’all keep those rotations tight and quick.

Are there any teams that you’re worried about? Why or why not?

Not really, and I don’t mean that in a cocky way. I have the utmost certainty that my team and I can breakthrough any defense. There might be some tough teams, but nothing we can’t handle! Good luck to everyone and may the 50/50s be in your favor.

Premier League Recap – Written by Zacer (Tropical Storms, cdrch Minor)

End of Season Standings

Fire Division
Team Name 3-Day Record Overall Record
Aces 6-6 23-13
Phoenix Arising 5-7 19-17
Hurricanes 9-3 19-17
Quads 6-6 14-22
Space Boys 3-9 11-25

And the song remains the same. Every team in the Fire Division maintained their position from last week. Aces cruised to a first place finish, and go into playoffs with the best ranked defense and the second best shooting percentage. Phoenix Arising had mixed results their last week, but enter playoffs with the best shooting percentage. Hurricanes had another positive week and enter playoffs with the third best offense, but balance that out with the worst defense. The Quads 4-0’d the Space Boys on the last day of the regular season. This Play-in match preview was very telling, and the Space Boys will have to step up their league worst defense if they want to make playoffs.

Leaves Division
Team Name 3 Day Record Overall Record
Privateers 8-4 22-14
Wolves 8-4 21-15
Big Girls 6-6 20-16
Comets 7-5 18-18
Hot Garbage 2-10 13-23

The Leaves Division saw a lot of shuffling last week, but no major changes. Privateers end their regular season as the best overall offense and the second ranked defense. Their foot is firmly pressed on the pedal, as they ended their week with a 4-0 over Hot Garbage. Wolves finished their season strong. They 4-0’d Phoenix Arising and 3-1’d the Aces, proving their second ranked offense is ready for a strong playoff push. Big Girls won two of their three series, and head into playoffs with the second best defense. The Comets and Hot Garbage ended their weeks on sour notes, but the Comets have the clear advantage for the Play-in. The Comets have a -2 goal differential compared to Hot Garbage’s -32.

Power Players

Trucktruck08, Comets: Trucktruck08 trucked his way to the best day 7 of any player. He drove angry and filled up his truck with an astounding 1570 points. And, of course, he got 2 MVPs to put on his dash and a savior medal to pin on his trucker hat. Trucktruck08 also got two cycles, showing that he was everywhere on the pitch that day. 5 goals, 2 assists, 10 saves, and 12 shots is a good day for anybody.

Aech, Privateers: Aech, still a true gunter, led the league on match day 8 with 1510 points. That’s impressive, but not Aech’s best showing. Aech didn’t beat his (or is it her? Never found out) high score of 1885 set during week two. Perhaps Aech is saving the best for playoffs. Either way, two hat tricks, one savior, and one cycle is representative of one hell of a series.

Molokoa, Big Girls: Molokoa proved to be the biggest girl once again on match day 9, scoring more points than anyone else. He was a more like a Titanoboa, the biggest snake there ever was and hopefully will be, with his 1440 points. I decided to Google Molokoa, and all that showed up was a food truck (not a cool snake). It’s certainly fitting though, as Molo served up 7 piping hot goals on 12 tries. Add in some sides: one savior medal, one cycle, and Molokoa sounds pretty good. And the Yelp reviews are great, 5 stars from 10 reviews. Doesn’t get better than that.

Key Match For Week 5

Wolves vs. Aces
Wolves Totals Aces
3390 Points 2360
13 Goals 5
12 Assists 3
14 Saves 14
32 Shots 20
Wolves 3-1 Aces; strongest team entering playoffs?
Series Totals Leaders

Points: 1280, Fredrick (W)

Goals: 5-T, DEZtination (W) Fredrick (W)

Assists: 5, Fredrick (W)

Saves: 11, Sugar (A)

Shots: 10, Fredrick (W)

Strong start

The Wolves started the series with a close 2-1 win. The Aces offense was alive and well, but only managed to score on one of their seven shots. DEZtination of the Wolves was responsible for most of those missed shots; he earned a Savior medal and four saves. Fredrick scored both of the Wolves two goals. El diablo rojo of the Aces did all he could, taking four shots and scoring one goal.

Game 2, the Wolves put on a dominating performance. They won 5-0, and this was where they truly started to click as a team; every Wolves player scored and got an assist. The Aces saved 5 of 10 shots, thanks to Sugar who got 4 of them, but the Wolves were too accurate as the rest of their shots found the back of net.

A substitution

Game 3, the Wolves subbed out Premium Manatee, who got a cycle and two goals in game 2, for DSeS | anubis. That’s been part of the game plan all season, and it’s a strategy that appears to be working for the top teams in the Premier League. There are only three teams with four players who have started 20 or more games. Those teams are the Aces, Privateers, and Wolves.

Game 3 went in favor of the Wolves 4-1. DSeS | anubis immediately stepped in and got himself a cycle along with DEZtination and Fredrick. The Aces, normally solid without Walidos, could not find any sort of rhythm. Their second place shooting percentage, 34.40%, was nowhere to be found. Apocalypse scored their lone goal, but as a team they went one for six on their shots.

Righting the ship

Game 4, the Aces gutted out a 3-2 victory. This game was closer to how this Aces trio normally performs, each player providing a crucial piece to the win. Apocalypse had two goals, el diablo rojo had two assists, and Sugar slammed the door with four saves.

This was not a playoff game, but it’s hard not to look at this match as an indicator of things to come. It was the last week of the season and everybody was giving it their all. For the Wolves, this week has suddenly placed them as the team to beat. For the Aces, they are clearly a strong but inconsistent team without Walidos, and his presence could be the game changer for their playoff run.

Interesting Stats
  • Sugar (A) was the only player with a save in each game.
  • Fredrick (W) had the highest point total for a single match, 425 points.

ORSA Dynasty Cup has reached 99% boost. Playoffs are upon us. May the best teams win, you know who you are. Best of luck!

Editors Interview (Nagz, Hot Garbage)

Tell me about your performance at the end of the season, what were some key factors that led to your success/failure?

We did very poorly toward the end of this season. After Speedy was traded, we had to make some changes to the starting lineup. The team was mostly rookies to the league anyway, and losing a strong player didn’t help our chemistry. It’s also tough when 2 of the starting players are US west. They’re good enough to play around it to a certain degree, but the players in premier league punish mistakes with a lot more consistency. It can be frustrating to play at 100 ping, and it made a noticeable difference when it came to morale during the games.

How are you preparing for the playoffs?

I personally haven’t had as much time as I’d like to schedule or play scrims. I’ve been doing my own work playing solo standard, trying to get better at playing with teammates I don’t necessarily have chemistry with.

Who were you most impressed with on the teams that you played this season?

That’s a tough question. Even though I’m the captain, i haven’t played as many games as the rest of the team. That being said, I was probably most impressed by the Privateers’ lineup. The were very solid against us, and I think they have one of the better records this season.

Do you have any particular strategies that you can share in place for the playoffs?

I’m hoping to have a talk with my team about the morale problem mentioned above. Communication is usually the first thing that falls apart, and I rely on that pretty heavily. We just need to play through the frustration, as difficult as that may be.

Are there any teams that you’re worried about? Why or why not?

Given our record toward the end, I’m honestly worried about all of the teams. I’m confident that our team has the skill to push through, but we need to get out of our rut first, and we may not have time to do that.

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