BLS Season 2 Rules

  1. Sign up
    1. Players sign up as free agents.
    2. Players may not request to play with another player.
  2. Buy-in
    1. Super-Patron level support on Patreon grants free access
    2. $5 Paypal
  3. Rosters
    1. Once all players are registered, ORSA will make balanced 4-player rosters based upon Rocket League MMR
  4. “Home Field”
    1. Teams may pick a “home” map from the following list:
      1. DFH Stadium
      2. DFH Stadium (Stormy)
      3. Urban Central
      4. Urban Central (Night)
      5. Urban Central (Dawn)
      6. Beckwith Park
      7. Beckwith Park (Stormy)
      8. Beckwith Park (Midnight)
      9. Utopia Coliseum
      10. Utopia Coliseum (Dusk)
      11. Wasteland
      12. Neo Tokyo
    2. This map must be chosen prior to each team’s first “home” match.
    3. This map may not change after a team has played its first match.
  5. Schedule
    1. Players will not be able to schedule matches on your own. You will be assigned your match times
    2. Matches will be played on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    3. Matches will be played either at 8:00, 8:30, 10:00, or 10:30 Eastern Time
    4. Final match times will be decided the day before they are played
      1. Tuesday match times will be released on Monday, and Thursday match times will be released on Wednesday
    5. There will be a 5 match regular season (December 1st, 2016 – December 16th, 2016), followed by two rounds of playoffs (December 20th, 2016)
  6. Playing Time
    1. Our goal for this league is to make sure that all players receive equal playing time.
    2. For Season one, players must play in a minimum of 3 matches, and no more than 4.
      1. This means that 3 players will play in 4 matches, and 1 player will play in 3.
    3. Teams may field any lineup for playoff matches.
  7. Matches
    1. Matches will be best-of-3 game sets.
    2. Substitutions will not be allowed in between games
    3. If your match is not being streamed, teams will be responsible for taking screenshots of their game results.
    4. In the event of a disconnect or crash during an unstreamed match it is up to the discretion of the players in the game to either remake or continue the game. If there is a dispute, and the match can not be completed, teams should contact an admin on Discord.
    5. In the event of a disconnect or crash during a streamed match, casters and organizers will keep everyone up to date with how the situation will be handled.
  8. Lineups
    1. Starting lineups for each team must be given to BLS no later than 15 minutes before the start of their match.
      1. Failure to do this will result in a “strike”
    2. A team’s third strike will result in a game loss penalty.
      1. This means they will forfeit the first game of their match.
      2. If both teams receive third strikes in the same match, both will receive the game loss penalty. Resulting in a 1-game match
    3. A team’s fourth/fifth/sixth/seventh strike will result in a forfeit.
      1. If both teams are forced to forfeit, then both teams will receive a 0-2 match loss with 0 Goal Differential.
    4. If a team is forced to use a lineup in which a player is playing in an “extra” match, that team will start the match with a game loss.
      1. A player is playing in an “extra” match if she/he is player in his/her 5th match of the season.
      2. This penalty stacks
        1. If a team is playing a match with 2 players playing in their 5th match of the season, then that team will receive 2 game loss penalties and forfeit the match.
      3. To avoid having this penalty apply to your team, please read rule 14.d
    5. If a player is replaced, all games the original player participated in will count as games played for the replacement.
  9. Forfeits
    1. If a team is forced to forfeit a match for any reason, it will be marked in the standings as an 0-2 loss with a 0 Goal Differential.
    2. If a team’s opponent is forced to forfeit for any reason, it will be marked in the standings as a 2-0 win with a 0 Goal Differential.
  10. Standings
    1. Win-Loss Record will determine standings.
    2. 2 team Tiebreakers
      1. Head-to-Head
        1. If two teams are tied, and have played against one another, the team who won that match will be placed above the loser.
      2. Game Win Percentage
      3. Goal Differential
      4. Alphabetical Order (during season)/Coin flip (to determine final standings)
    3. 3+ team Tiebreakers
      1. Game Win Percentage
      2. Goal Differential
      3. Alphabetical Order (during season)/Die Roll (to determine final standings)
    4. Tiebreaker note: If after a 3+ team tiebreak check, and a  two team tie remains, then the team(s) who is/are no longer tied will be removed and placed either above or below the remaining tied teams (if they are ranked higher or lower after the tiebreak check) and the 2 team tiebreak rules will take effect for the remaining tied teams.
  11. Playoffs
    1. All playoff matches will happen on December 20th.
      1. East Finals at 8pm Eastern
      2. West Finals at 9pm Eastern
      3. BLS Finals at 10pm Eastern
    2. Teams may field any lineup for a playoff game. Substitutions can only be made between games and you must notify a caster when a change is being made.
    3. East/West Finals will be best-of-5 matches
    4. BLS Finals will be best-of-7 matches
      1. “Home field” advantage (server) will be determined using the 2 team tiebreakers.
      2. Server will follow a 2-3-2 format.
    5. All playoff games will be played on Mannfield.
  12. “No Shows”
    1. If a team cannot field 3 players at the team’s scheduled game time, that team will forfeit the match.
    2. If both teams cannot field 3 players, both teams will be awarded a loss.
  13. Sportsmanship
    1. Please show sportsmanship within the league; any insulting of the opposition or teammates will result in a warning. Further insults will be met with a suspension and a possible banning from the league. Players are encouraged to take screen shots containing any insults and forwarding them to an admin to evaluate.
    2. ORSA has a very simple harassment policy. We know it when we see it. First offense will result in a warning. Second offense will result in a ban.
    3. If at any point a team or individual feels as if a rule is unfairly applied to them, or if they think that a rule itself is unfair, that team may file an appeal to any admin  (who will then confer with all other admins) to be ruled upon.
    4. Any concerns about the sportsmanship of other players or teams within ORSA should be directed to the league representatives. Publicly “witch-hunting” an ORSA team or player is unacceptable and will be considered harassment. Let ORSA officials and representatives handle any issues related to sportsmanship.
  14. Other Rules
    1. If any issues arise between players or between a player and ORSA staff that can not be resolved by anything in this document, then the ORSA handbook rules will apply
    2. If you are found to have left the Discord server, you will be dropped from your team’s roster without warning. You will forfeit your buy-in, and will be replaced by another player.
    3. If you have to drop from the league for any reason, you will forfeit your buy-in and will be replaced by another player.
    4. If a team is unhappy with a member’s contribution (not skill), they may contact ORSA about the steps necessary for that member’s removal, and potential replacements for that player.
      1. This is only to be used in the event of a team member showing bad sportsmanship, or a team member showing a lack of ability to show up for games (leading to “extra” match penalties)
    5. No spectators are allowed in a match lobby unless they are streaming or casting the game. No coaching.
    6. You must play every game under the steam name/gamertag that you signed up for the league under.