ORSA Season 4 Week 1 Xbox 3v3 Matches

**Groups for Week 1 of the 3v3 XBOX league are as follows:**

Group 1: CH3MISTRY, Critical Air Roll, CT Rip Cheese

CH3MISTRY vs Critical Air Roll

Critical Air Roll vs CT Rip Cheese

CT Rip Cheese vs CH3MISTRY

Group 2: Free Agent Team 10, Free Agent Team 11, The Pecan Sandies

Free Agent Team 10 vs Free Agent Team 11

Free Agent Team 11 vs The Pecan Sandies

The Pecan Sandies vs Free Agent Team 10

Group 3: Leaves, PandasInTuxedos, PRLX Gaming

Leaves vs PandasInTuxedos

PandasInTuxedos vs PRLX Gaming

PRLX Gaming vs Leaves

Group 4: R4 eSports, Revinite, Skynix Pls, The Boys

R4 eSports vs Revinite

Revinite vs Skynix Pls

Skynix Pls vs The Boys

The Boys vs R4 eSports