ORSA Season 4 Week 2 PS4 3v3 Matches

**Groups for Week 2 of the 3v3 PS4 league are as follows:**

Group 1: Carrying IJEPP, Displacement, Team Miss

Carrying IJEPP vs Displacement

Displacement vs Team Miss

Team Miss vs Carrying IJEPP

Group 2: KlubKalkulus, Nfinite, DSM

KlubKalkulus vs Nfinite

Nfinite vs DSM

DSM vs KlubKalkulus

Group 3: Chonie Monsters , Inept in Net, 5280

Chonie Monsters vs Inept in Net

Inept in Net vs 5280

5280 vs Chonie Monsters

Group 4: Velocity, The Swag Team, Shadow of Chaos, Subsist Gaming

Velocity vs The Swag Team

The Swag Team vs Shadow of Chaos

Shadow of Chaos vs Subsist Gaming

Subsist Gaming vs Velocity