ORSA Season 4 Week 2 Xbox 1v1 Matches

**Groups for Week 2 of the 1v1 XBOX league are as follows:**

Group 1: EpicSolutionZ, CashMoneyElias, 3lackout

EpicSolutionZ vs CashMoneyElias

CashMoneyElias vs 3lackout

3lackout vs EpicSolutionZ

Group 2: G000SEY, MattMO, EatingAnt548799, Young Sinatra

G000SEY vs MattMO

MattMO vs EatingAnt548799

EatingAnt548799 vs Young Sinatra

Young Sinatra vs G000SEY

Group 3: iamryan34, THD reckless, Riewest14

iamryan34 vs THD reckless

THD reckless vs Riewest14

Riewest14 vs iamryan34