ORSA Season 4 Week 2 Xbox 2v2 Matches

**Groups for Week 2 of the 2v2 XBOX league are as follows:**

Group 1: Rob & Gib, Inept on Net, Octane-Ables

Rob Gib vs Inept on Net

Inept on Net vs OctaneAbles

OctaneAbles vs Rob Gib

Group 2: Pure Bliss, Free Agent Team 8, Washed Up

Pure Bliss vs Free Agent Team 8

Free Agent Team 8 vs Washed Up

Washed Up vs Pure Bliss

Group 3: Bartlet For America, Franchise ZoxMoney, Free Agent Team 2

Bartlet For America vs Franchise ZoxMoney

Franchise ZoxMoney vs Free Agent Team 2

Free Agent Team 2 vs Bartlet For America

Group 4: Boosted Monkeys, Cincinatti Harambes, Drunken Shamrocks

Boosted Monkeys vs Cincinatti Harambes

Cincinatti Harambes vs Drunken Shamrocks

Drunken Shamrocks vs Boosted Monkeys

Group 5: The Aerial Olas, The Elemental Cowboys, Take Off

The Aerial Olas vs The Elemental Cowboys

The Elemental Cowboys vs Take Off

Take Off vs The Aerial Olas