ORSA Season 4 Week 2 Xbox 3v3 Matches

**Groups for Week 2 of the 3v3 Xbox league are as follows:**

Group 1: Leaves, Boost > Ball, Skynix Pls

Leaves vs Boost Ball

Boost Ball vs Skynix Pls

Skynix Pls vs Leaves

Group 2: Critical Air Roll, PRLX Gaming, The Pecan Sandies

Critical Air Roll vs PRLX Gaming

PRLX Gaming vs The Pecan Sandies

The Pecan Sandies vs Critical Air Roll

Group 3: CH3MISTRY, Revinite, Make a Whiff Foundation

CH3MISTRY vs Revinite

Revinite vs Make a Whiff Foundation

Make a Whiff Foundation vs CH3MISTRY

Group 4: CT Rip Cheese, Redirection, We Just Talk

CT Rip Cheese vs Redirection

Redirection vs We Just Talk

We Just Talk vs CT Rip Cheese

Group 5: R4 eSports, Noble Maniacs, PandasInTuxedos, Hosers, Eh?

R4 eSports vs Noble Maniacs

Noble Maniacs vs PandasInTuxedos

PandasInTuxedos vs Hosers Eh

Hosers Eh vs R4 eSports