What is Dynasty Cup?

ORSA Dynasty Cup Format

Everyone will sign-up as a prospective player, general manager, or both.
General managers will be selected by league organizers to run a 10-player squad, drafted by the general managers from the total player pool, and split into a major and minor league squad of 5 players each.
All players will be researched by the league organizers prior to the draft and assigned an MMR rating which will be used for player contracts (contracts are very basic, last for 2 seasons, are renewable, and will ensure that both the player and the team holding the contract are able have a degree of control in their respective futures. If the team and the player are both happy at the end of a season, they can renew their contract for another. If not, the player will become a free agent at the end of their short contract and are free to sign with any team which will take them). This rating and a link to the player’s tracker information will be provided to all GMs before the draft so that they may research as they see fit the players in the draft.
3v3 standard Rocket League, with both major and minor league teams playing each match day.
All regular season matches will be a best of three series.

Schedule & Season 1 Details

The regular season will last for 6 weeks, followed by the playoffs, and concluding with an off season which will include a draft of rookies who have signed up for the first time during the previous season, giving each season a length of 2 months.
Due to the amount of teams being dependent on the number of people who sign up to play, the exact format of the playoffs cannot be determined prior to the conclusion of the sign up period. The playoff format will be determined and communicated to all players before the season begins.
Matches will be played every Monday and Wednesday. Matches will be scheduled to be played on or before 10:00pm Eastern Time for each match day. If the GM from each team wishes to play their scheduled major and/or minor league match before the scheduled time, they are welcome to agree to this and confirm the new match time with the league organizers. This will become the new scheduled match time. Matches will not be permitted to be played after their scheduled match time, and will count as a loss for any team which fails to show for their scheduled match.